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Sour light roast coffee drinks flavor, but what is deep roast coffee drink? Where does the bitterness of coffee come from?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Since Ms Erna Knudsen introduced the term "Specialty Coffee"in 1974, the taste of coffee in the world has gradually changed from a constant bitter taste to a ever-changing sour taste. In the 21st century, coffee shop hand-made menus are mostly sour

Since the introduction of "Specialty Coffee" by Ms. Ernusen in 1974, the taste of coffee in the world has gradually changed from constant bitterness to ever-changing acid. Today in the 21st century, most of the coffee shop's hand-made menus are sour shallow baked beans, but naturally, there are also a small number of bitter deep-baked beans for guests who still want to drink bitter coffee.

Light roasted coffee can show a very complex flavor aroma, elegant flower aroma, fruit juice-like round taste, very distinctive. On the contrary, deep roasting coffee, the same bitterness for friends who have not come into contact with coffee, that is a cup of Cantonese herbal tea! Then the question follows: people who pursue light-roasted coffee drink flavor, so what do people who pursue bitter coffee drink?

How was the bitterness of coffee born? There is more than one source of coffee bitterness, but in a broad sense, coffee bitterness refers to the bitter taste produced by roasting. Coffee beans need to be roasted to change from raw to mature, and the time required for roasting determines the depth of baking and the sour and bitter taste of the beans. During the roasting process, raw coffee beans accumulate energy by constantly absorbing calories. When the heat accumulates to a certain extent, the bean body will burst because it can not bear the heat absorbed continuously, releasing the heat in the body and making a "popping" sound. When the coffee beans in the stove make a dense sound for the first time, it is what we call the "explosion" phenomenon. The appearance of an explosion shows that the beans are cooked, and you can get the coffee beans out of the oven at any point in time.

If we choose to bake the beans at the beginning of the explosion, then the beans will have a very sour taste, but if you choose not to come out of the oven and then bake, then the sour taste will gradually decrease as the baking time increases! Until the sound of the explosion disappears completely and enters a period of silence, it means that there is little sour left. At this point, the bitter taste will begin to increase with the increase of baking time! Although now people will prefer sour coffee, the reason is, as mentioned above, the flavor is rich and varied. But not all coffee beans can meet the conditions of light baking! For example, after some beans are shallow, they do not have the soft acid imagined, they show a radical and sharp sour taste, or they have a lot of negative taste. Therefore, it is necessary to cover up these defects through the bitter taste of deep baking!

But Qianjie doesn't mean that roasting deep coffee is just to cover up the defect that beans can't be roasted shallowly, it's just an individual need. Even though deep-roasted coffee does not show the same rich and varied flavor as light-roasted coffee, they also have their advantages.

The unique charm and aroma of bitter coffee: most people who like to drink bitter coffee not only pursue bitterness, but also fragrance! As Qianjie said, long baking can bring aromas such as caramel, nuts, chocolate and toast to the coffee. Compared with the lively characteristics of shallow roasted coffee, this kind of taste tends to be calm and profound and more attractive. Mellow taste: through deep roasting, the oil of the coffee beans will spill from the bean body to the bean surface, which can make the coffee have a thicker taste and taste very smooth. Mild and mellow, which is a characteristic that light roasted coffee is difficult to have.

Huigan Yuyun: as the saying goes: the bitterness comes to the fullest. Deep-roasted bitter coffee belongs to this type. Although in the mouth, we feel more bitter taste. But after swallowing, the sweetness from the throat is very rich and lasts for a long time, allowing people to enjoy this cup of delicacy. A lot of deep coffee infatuated people, this is a good bite!

Do you remember that there was more than one source of bitterness at the beginning of the front street? Yes, in addition to roasting, improper brewing will also give birth to a strong bitter taste of coffee, which is really bitter. The bitterness produced by baking is a "high-quality bitterness" created by aroma and sweetness. On the other hand, the bitterness produced by improper cooking is negative and unacceptable. When we extract all the soluble substances from the coffee, we will get this result. But in fact, as long as we understand the extraction logic of deep-roasted coffee and reduce the extraction efficiency, a good cup of bitter coffee is very easy to get! Friends who need to know how to make deep coffee can move on to the second article! )

no way! The more you talk about it, the more you feel about it. Let's rush a pot of Blue Mountain in front of the street and enjoy it! After reading this article, are you sure you don't want to have a drink ~-END-

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