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What does coffee bean-processing mean? What is Raisin Honey Treatment in Costa Rica?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, The processing of raw coffee beans will have a great impact on the taste of coffee, and different fermentation modes will lead to different characteristics of coffee. Sunning, washing, honey processing, is the classic coffee processing! Sun-treated coffee will have a very full fruit flavor, rich layers, high sweetness;

The processing of raw coffee beans will have a great impact on the taste of coffee, and different fermentation patterns will lead to different characteristics of coffee flavor. Sun, water washing, honey treatment, is the classic coffee treatment!

Sun-treated coffee will have a very full fruit flavor, rich layers, high sweetness; washed coffee is very clean, bright and round acidity; honey treatment combines the advantages of both, the overall balance, clean and high sweet.

Compared with the former two, the application of honey treatment is not much. However, honey treatment is different from them in that it is not a single treatment, but there are several different branches to choose from.

In the operation of honey treatment, raw coffee beans will retain pectin for drying after removing the peel and pulp. Pectin is rich in sugar, so the more pectin left on raw beans, the more sugar is attached. The amount of sugar determines the sweetness of the treated beans, so people distinguish the different color honey treatments such as yellow honey, red honey, black honey and white honey according to the residual amount of pectin.

In addition to these classic "colored" honey treatments, honey treatment also has a very special branch-"grape dried honey treatment".

What is dried grape honey treatment? When it comes to raisin honey treatment, it is the same as honey treatment, it has a very interesting name misunderstanding. I believe you have more or less seen the introduction to honey treatment such as "as sweet as honey" and "honey sweetness", and then some friends will mistakenly think that honey treatment is carried out by adding honey, or come up with a name because it is too sweet. Actually, it's not.

Honey treatment is called honey treatment, mainly because in the process of treatment, pectin is oxidized to show a very sticky touch, which is directly reminiscent of honey with the same sticky texture. As a result, the name of "honey treatment" was thus implemented. And the misunderstanding of raisin honey treatment is almost the same.

Many friends will wonder, what is the difference between grape dried honey treatment and conventional honey treatment? What is the effect of flavor? good! Then, let's answer these questions one by one from Qianjie.

The difference between honey treatment and raisin honey treatment let's first look at the conventional operation mode of honey treatment: the first step of honey treatment will flotation coffee beans and pick out the unripe and bad beans that have floated.

Then remove the peel and pulp of the coffee fruit by machine, retain the pectin layer, and let the raw beans ferment and dry with pectin! Drying time is mainly determined by the amount of pectin, the more pectin, the longer the sun (the most is black honey, then red, yellow, white), until the raw beans are dried to the target water content, it is basically done!

The treatment of raisin honey is different from them from the very beginning! After harvesting the fruit, the farmers will first shell the fruit to dry for at least three days. After drying, the coffee fruit will show a shriveled appearance similar to "raisins", then peeled and shelled, and then begin the steps of honey treatment.

The advantage of this is that there is almost no water! And, by drying the fruit in the sun, 100% of the pectin can be retained! Complete pectin can provide coffee beans with more sugar, showing the highest sweetness. Although black honey treatment hardly removes pectin, it will still have a certain impact on the integrity of pectin under the violent peeling of the machine.

This kind of processing method is more demanding and the risk of deterioration is also high. Curry farmers need to devote more energy to taking care of the raw beans of the coffee in order to prevent the coffee from producing a bad negative taste.

The flavor of raisin honey treatment is good, as brother Qiang said, the bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish. The complex operation of raisin honey treatment gives the coffee a very distinctive flavor. For example, Bach in the front street bean list, which is from Carnett Manor in Costa Rica, is very rich in fermented aroma under the blessing of raisin honey treatment, and because it is very close to the fermented aroma of grapes, it is easy to remind people of the taste of raisins.

In addition to the regular flavor of berries and caramel, it also has a chic flavor similar to blueberry and lavender. After swallowing, the mouth is full of dark chocolate aftertaste, which is very impressive!


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