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KFC changed its name! Add to the coffee market!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop from last year to this year's coffee price war, Ruixing 9.9 coffee frequently shrink, another important combat force Kudi will also raise the price of some cities from April 1, thus showing that several players in the price war have made withdrawal posture, but

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In the coffee price war that lasted from last year to this year, Ruixing 9.9Coffee has shrunk frequently, and another important combat force, Kudi, will also raise product prices in some cities from April 1st, thus it can be seen that several contestants in the price war have made a withdrawal gesture, but KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee is doing the opposite, using 9.9Coffee as a sharp tool to attract eyes to join the war.

For this dark horse killed on the way, everyone may be both strange and familiar. Needless to say, the brand has been established for less than a year and has just arrived in a hundred stores. Compared with the well-known chain brands on the market, it is indeed a rising star. But there is nothing wrong with being familiar with the brand, because Volkswagen had seen it at the bar of KFC before it was founded.

A few years ago, coffee began to rise, KFC put coffee machines on the bar to sell coffee, and then KFC launched KCOFFEE TO GO window quick access, coffee car and other models to provide customers with fast and convenient coffee drinks, but for KFC, coffee is only a product on its menu.

Until last April, KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee appeared as an independent coffee shop, standing side by side with KFC stores, making the public aware of the KFC coffee brand, but KFC's preconceived impression also made consumers wonder: is the coffee of KFC selling fried chicken burgers good?

In this regard, KCOFFEE Kenyue Coffee, which has a strong backer of Yum Group, said that raw materials such as coffee beans and coffee milk base can be obtained by relying on the supply chain system provided by the group to reduce the cost of raw materials.

On the other hand, KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee promises to be "dissatisfied with remaking" and to maintain the quality and service of low-cost coffee after cost reduction, so as to allay public concerns and give consumers enough confidence and reason to buy their own low-cost and high-quality products. In addition, KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee also focuses on product differentiation, launching more than 50 innovative products in less than a year, bringing surprises to consumers who like to taste fresh.

According to the 2023 China City Coffee Development report, it is estimated that the scale of the domestic coffee industry will reach 369.3 billion yuan by 2025. The broad market prospect is fascinating, and KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee is no exception.

Therefore, the brand took a fancy to the development opportunities of the sinking market, focused on expanding stores in sunken cities, and announced the launch of 9.9 coffee at a time when coffee giants chose to withdraw from the price war and lose some users.

However, the fierce competition in the coffee market is also obvious to all, and there are numerous coffee brands and entrepreneurs who "enter and exit". As one of the many entrants, KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee can be said to have a good hand and has achieved rapid growth in the past year. But in this unpredictable coffee market, it remains to be seen whether KCOFFEE Ken Hyatt Coffee can gain a foothold in the industry by virtue of its own advantages.

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