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Is cold extract coffee good with milk? Introduction of the correct powder/water ratio and preparation method of cold brewed coffee

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Open the weather forecast in the phone, full screen 30 degrees high temperature, this time, summer and scorching heat really come! Everyone hurry up and set up all kinds of iced coffee!! The most popular home iced coffee, cold extract (cold bubble) must be on the list. Soak a pot before bed, throw it in the fridge, and wake up and filter it

Turn on the weather forecast in the mobile phone, the screen is full of 30 degrees high temperature, this time, summer and hot summer are really coming! Why don't you arrange all kinds of iced coffee quickly!

If you want to talk about the most popular home ice caffeine, cold extract (cold bubble) must be on the list. Soak a pot before going to bed, throw it into the refrigerator, and drink it immediately when you wake up. It can be called "good news for lazy people". But a little friend sent a question: can you drink the cold extract with some milk?

Through the conversation, Qianjie learned that this friend did not have a coffee maker at home, but the first thing she wanted to do every morning was to drink a cup of iced coffee with milk. Among the many simple versions of coffee, cold extraction is one of her best. I just don't know how to add milk to the brewed coffee.

So, can I add milk to the cold extract coffee?

The answer is: of course ~ the cold coffee with good filtration is delicious, and the milk is delicious, so there is no problem for the two to taste together. In addition, the addition of fresh milk can not only soften the impurity caused by the low temperature extraction of coffee powder, but also add a touch of softness and smoothness to the coffee, so that the tasting experience can be improved.

However, if we want to make coffee mellow without losing the sweetness of milk, we have to find a coordinated ratio between coffee powder, water and milk.

Cold extract coffee with milk, what should I do?

As the cold extraction process is carried out in a low temperature environment, the extraction efficiency of cold water on coffee powder is relatively slow, and bitter substances are not easy to release compared with hot water extraction, so it is not as rigorous as hand-brewed coffee in terms of grinding degree, powder-to-water ratio, and soaking time. It is usually as long as it falls roughly in a range, coffee beans are selected correctly, and a good cup of iced coffee can be made in a few simple steps.

Take the daily cold extraction production in Qianjie as an example, the degree of grinding of coffee beans will be slightly finer than that of hand-flushing, that is, 7580% of the sieve of China No. 20 standard sieve, which is about the degree of fine sugar observed by the naked eye, corresponding to the 9.5-10 scale of EK43s, and the hand grinder takes C40 as an example, which is about 22-26 squares.

Next, pour the ground coffee powder into a clean container, which can be a special cold extraction pot or mineral water bottle, according to the proportion of 1:10 powder water, add normal temperature water, stir well, seal with cling film, soak in the refrigerator for more than 8 hours (the best within 12 hours), and finally use filter paper to separate the coffee grounds, that is, to complete the preparation of the cold extraction part.

The proportion of cold and extracted powder is generally the issue of greatest concern to everyone. Qianjie thinks that if you taste it directly without adding anything else, you can use the powder-to-water ratio from 1:12 to 1:13, because the black coffee made in this interval has the highest palatability and sufficient aroma acquisition. But considering that we finally have to add fresh milk, so we have to increase the concentration of the coffee so that it will not be "diluted" too much. Here in Qianjie, it is suggested that the proportion should be between 1:10 and 1:11.

Finally, there is the part of pouring milk.

In order to find a better proportion, Qianjie took two types of cold extracted coffee (Panama 90 + Rose Summer and Panamanian Alida Manor) that were available in advance in the refrigerator to do a small experiment. To the same amount of three cups of cold extract, mix them with iced milk at 1:1, 1Rose 0.8,1Rd 0.6 (Bright fresh Ranch is used on the front street), that is, 100g coffee liquid, corresponding to 100g, 80g, and 60g milk.

We found that the performance of the two types of coffee in the first group was mediocre, both were too milky, and there was almost no aroma of coffee in the entrance. The taste of the latter two groups was relatively balanced. The taste of 90 + Rosa, which showed the aroma of fermented wine, was the best in the group of 0.8, while that of Alida, which emphasized the sense of juice, was the best in the group of 0.6.

Therefore, for the amount of fresh milk, Qianjie believes that it can be judged by the type of cold extract coffee beans. Deep-roasted coffee with nut and chocolate flavor is suitable for 1:1, and beans with alcoholic flavor and cocoa flavor can be mixed in the proportion of 10.8%. While the cold extract and milk made of sour coffee beans such as berries and citrus can be controlled at about 10.6.

Without a bean grinder, hanging-ear coffee bags can also be made.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, a witty friend also wants to use a hanging-ear coffee bag to make a cold extract, as long as there is a refrigerator at home, in addition to the most important hanging-ear coffee, and a cup with a lid can be prepared immediately.

In order, in fact, it is almost the same as the conventional cold extraction method, also pay attention to the proportion of coffee powder, water and milk control, the specific operation can refer to the picture and text teaching published in Qianjie. However, as the filter paper has become an ear bag made of non-woven fabric, it will take a little longer to wait for the coffee juice to be filtered, so it takes a little patience.


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