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Manner coffee leaves the bakery! 5 yuan bread is popular online!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop mentioned the breakfast collocation of office workers, coffee + bread this vitality combination can undoubtedly be among the top. But I don't know if you have found that when coffee brands fought price wars with each other, they have been involved in the 9.9 era, its good partner "bread"in recent years.

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When it comes to breakfast arrangements for office workers, the combination of coffee and bread is undoubtedly among the best.

But I do not know if you have found that when coffee brands have fought a price war with each other and have been involved in the 9.9 era, its good partner "Bread" has risen all boats in recent years, and many common styles often cost more than 10 yuan. products that emphasize the use of imported ingredients have become "unaffordable" to ordinary consumers. So that ordinary workers can not help but sigh, why is bread so expensive now?

While everyone is still worried about the bread premium, the coffee brand Manner has "forced" the price of ready-made bread back to the single digits close to the people.

In the bakery in Manne, the cheapest kosong, butter rolls and grape rolls are all priced at 5 yuan, while baguette, toast, muffin, bagel and lye knots are all set in the 8-yuan zone. Only individual new categories will have a little over 10 yuan.

Although 5 yuan of bread is a medium price compared to many traditional old-fashioned bakeries, such a price is particularly conspicuous in the metropolitan area, which even the official website once mocked as a "loss-making business".

When you look at people's comments on these breads, you will find that these handmade products of Manner not only have an advantage in price, but also match the taste of carbonated water enthusiasts in terms of materials, portions and most important flavors. If you happen to see the store inside the bakery and see with your own eyes the bakers kneading dough and sprinkling almonds on the spot, what you eat is a peace of mind.

However, since Manner's bread cannot be delivered separately on the takeout platform, it needs to be ordered with coffee. In fact, the brand's practice is very understandable. People who want to buy bread must buy a cup of coffee, and coffee drinkers can also match the inexpensive bread to fill up the delivery fee, so that the delivery channel can develop healthily and at the same time raise the unit price of customers. One-off to achieve double effect.

But for consumers who have a Manner bakery downstairs, the happiness of good quality and low price can be doubled at any time. They can not only have their own cup minus 5 yuan, but also have a hearty cheap bread at the same time, so that the ratio of performance to price can be directly filled. In this regard, there are early eight people have an idea, think of Manner's exclusive "5 yuan concentrated package", 10 yuan can harvest a serious breakfast combination.

It is understood that Manner's first bakery opened in Shanghai in early 2019. At present, there are 67 baking stores across the country, mostly in Shanghai, while there are a few in other first-tier cities, belonging to 80-100 kilos coffee + baking stores.

On social platforms, whenever a city opens its first Manner bakery, thrifty workers will take the initiative to "advertise" the coffee brand and tell each other in the office how to achieve the happiness of "fleece wool". As more and more people show Manner's value bread, it is found that its price is quite different from that of many independent bakeries near the business district. It is made that day and has a variety of choices and tastes without stepping on thunder. Any bread lover will be ecstatic when he sees it.

As a result, a group of remote netizens who can not eat have left messages shouting Manner, a "bread philanthropist": please popularize the whole country as soon as possible!

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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