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Blue Bottle Coffee opens its eighth official store in Shanghai, China!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop March 21, Blue Bottle Coffee Blue Bottle Coffee official account released news introduction, the brand opened its eighth official store in mainland China, located in Shanghai Shangsheng·Xinsuo Phase II, will be held on the 30th of this month

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According to the official account of Blue Bottle Coffee Blue bottle Coffee on March 21, the brand has opened its eighth official store in mainland China, located in Shanghai Shangsheng New Institute Phase II, and will officially open on the 30th of this month, with gift activities during the opening period.

According to official disclosure, the newly opened Blue bottle store is not large in area, and the design is still done by Blue bottle and Ruen Design Research Office, with the theme of "piercing the texture of time and depicting the imprint of the community."

Stepping into this blue bottle store, there is a central island bar in the spacious space, and the top is made up of a white double slope triangle, with a soft wavy board texture, so that the guests sitting below have an atmosphere under the eaves.

There are bright floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides, which are in harmony with the indoor atmosphere lighting. The wide island station provides a broader visual effect for guests entering the store, and the upper side neatly displays a variety of blue bottle coffee beans and surrounding products, including the recently launched single-origin anaerobic Robusta coffee beans. The other half of the island station has done the "blank" treatment, at the same time will be connected on both sides of the reserved space to provide seated diners.

The bar area produced by the barista is also light-colored cement style, with a "home" shape behind the wall and the brand's iconic wooden menu on the left. At the center of the wall is the brand logo, which is presented in blue bricks, visually creating a sense of "the wall is pierced".

In addition to the layout design, the new Blue bottle store also emphasizes elements such as environmental protection and sustainability. The floor and the central island platform in the store are composed of recycled clay bricks, each with a thin coating on the surface, which shows a blend of the old and the new after seam-matching and non-seam-filling treatment. In addition, the seats in the store are also made of recycled materials.

It is worth noting that, judging from the on-the-spot photos sent by the first echelon of store visitors, the Blue bottle store did not appear in the queue, which is often discussed as before, on its opening day, and at some time, many seats were even vacated in the store, which is really not as popular as it used to be.

As for the question that many fans are more concerned about, "when will the blue bottle of coffee come out of Shanghai?" Following the previous flash drive in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing and other cities, the authorities have not made it clear which city the fixed stores outside Shanghai will land in and when they will open.

However, it has been reported on social platforms that the first store of Blue bottle Coffee outside Shanghai is expected to be unveiled in Shenzhen later this year, while site selection in other key cities across the country is also under way in an orderly manner. Some netizens also posted that the first blue bottle coffee in South China is about to enter the Vientiane business circle in Shenzhen. Let's wait and see what the specific style is.

For the blue bottle coffee which focuses on the boutique route and "one store, one design", in order to maintain the unique design style of the brand, and the cost of a single store is also very high, the opening speed of the store is basically impossible. In addition, rapid expansion tends to face more operational and quality challenges, so Blue bottle Coffee hopes to have better control and rhythm, so it moves relatively cautiously.

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