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The bean latte arrived late! Flower Kui said he was innocent.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click attention| A few years ago, bean juice dirty in Shanghai International Coffee Food Culture Festival "stunning"the audience, not only opened the eyes of netizens, but also brought a strong impact on taste buds. After years of development, the coffee was a coffee.

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A few years ago, bean juice dirty "stunned" the audience at the Shanghai International Coffee Food Culture Festival, which not only broadened netizens' horizons, but also brought a strong impact on taste buds. After years of development, the eye-catching bean juice coffee at that time has become a resident guest on the menu of many cafes in Beijing. Non-local tourists to Beijing Cafe are looking for an authentic American cup of bean juice to feel this cup of creative coffee with local characteristics.

Recently, this "Capital Special tune" has been a little different in the hands of baristas. According to the poster of a coffee shop, the bean juice latte launched in the store is not only equipped with a complete three-piece set of bean juice "bean juice, coke circles, shredded pickles", but also pays attention to the use of coffee beans, choosing the well-known Sakuran, which is more mentioned by coffee lovers.

Among the many coffee beans, Huakui coffee beans from Humbera, Ethiopia, have become the focus of practitioners' attention every year since the fire in 2017, as has this year's Sakui 8.0. Recently, many baristas can be seen on social platforms to test the newly acquired Sakui 8.0.

Huakui beans, which are deeply loved by domestic coffee consumers and bring their own heat, are paired with Beijing specialty bean juice, which attracts many curious netizens to try.

As Beijing bean juice is a local drink with a slightly extreme taste, its taste when combined with coffee can only be said to vary from person to person. People who like the taste of bean juice can show off a cup after getting it, while people who can't stand the "sour smell" of bean juice will be dissuaded with a sip.

This bean juice latte using Huakui coffee beans can not escape the fate of word-of-mouth polarization. it has not only won the praise and praise of "delicious, bean juice three-piece set" from loved ones, but also was lingering fear by netizens who can not bear the unique flavor of bean juice. "this combination is terrible."

However, consumers who have tried to find that although the poster in the store says "Sakuran", the shopkeeper is not actually using Sakuran. The store explained that the original bean juice latte did use Sakuran, but later, in order to stabilize the product and make consumers feel better flavor, it now uses IICA Platinum Award beans to carry out an "upgrade" of the bean juice latte.

Choosing better raw materials to improve the quality of the product may attract many challenging enthusiasts to try it, but some consumers say that after adding bean juice with too bright flavor, even if the store upgrades the quality of coffee beans, they can't actually drink the difference between "Hua Kui version" bean juice latte and other bean juice coffee.

For loyal fans of bean juice lattes, the most important thing in bean juice lattes is not what beans they choose, but authentic Beijing-flavored bean juice!

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