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Tanger sticker rejected! Netizen: Sorry!

Published: 2024-04-16 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop yesterday, Ruixing and singer Tengger's joint name officially launched, For raw coconut latte celebration "Raw coconut happy song"became the store these two days of loop play single, Old artists funny emoji sticker also because of its strong contrast and attracted Ruixing fans

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Yesterday, Rui Xing and singer tenger officially launched the "Happy Song of Raw Coconut" celebrating the birthday of the raw coconut latte. The old artist's funny meme stickers also attracted Lucky fans to rush to buy them because of their strong contrast, saying bluntly that they were "buying stickers to deliver coffee."

Today, however, a lucky employee posted that the real-life meme sticker given with the package had been returned by many customers in the store. The packaged coffee was taken away by the customer, while the sticker was left in the pick-up area by the store customer. Some employees took a routine inventory before closing the shop yesterday and found that 20 stickers had not been taken away by the customers who bought the limited package, which became the waste that the employees had to deal with.

As a singer, Tenger's songs have a certain mass base, and in recent years, because he has sung a lot of "Internet celebrities" songs, he has contributed a lot of funny performances in film and television works, and has been liked and sought after by young people. it also makes people like the lovely and interesting side of the singer.

Rui Xing chose Tenger as the singer of "Happy Song of raw coconut". On the one hand, she took a fancy to Tengel's strength as a singer, on the other hand, because his audience included men and women, old and young, and I brought a certain amount of flow and heat. Therefore, as soon as the joint news came out, people unconsciously attracted their eyes and looked forward to what sparks would come out of this joint cooperation.

Perhaps because of the star effect, fans of "Buy Shu Huan Pearl" snapped up orders for the magic sticker after the event was launched, and even did not hesitate to buy joint packages several times. Some netizens said they wanted to buy when they heard the news, but there were no gifts in several Lucky stores nearby, and some Lucky employees also confirmed that they sent out all the stickers in one day.

However, many consumers who like to collect lucky stickers said that in the past, they bought coffee for joint stickers because they were cute and good-looking, and they could also be used to decorate personal belongings such as handbooks and mobile phone cases. Both good-looking and practical.

Lucky's joint meme stickers are very distinctive and funny, but consumers are at a loss when they receive them and don't know where to use them. "what was the use of thinking about this when I ordered it yesterday? also want to note not to come", "too shameful, do not want to", "so ugly, take it wherever it looks annoying".

Compared with the previous stickers sent by co-signatures such as "Cat and Mouse" and "Line Dog", Rui Lucky's Tengel sticker made consumers who like funny style call "crack", successfully attracting passers-by to pay for it. But for some lucky users, the real-life emoji package is humorous and funny, but it is also because of this truth that it is difficult for people to accept this gift, which is "neither good-looking nor decorative beauty".

As a result, netizens who refused the gift clasped their hands and sincerely said to the sticker lying quietly in the trash can, "Mr. Teng, I'm sorry!" .

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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