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Coffee? 4,800 cups at a time!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Coffee workshops in recent years, coffee festivals are increasing, and the most troublesome thing for visitors is probably the barista. Not to mention hundreds of people in front of the stall, if dozens of people lined up to drink coffee, the barista would be too busy to grow a few arms.

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With the increasing number of coffee festivals in recent years, baristas are probably the biggest headache for visitors. Not to mention hundreds of people in front of the booth, if dozens of people stand in line for coffee, baristas will be so busy that they wish to grow a few more arms to meet the needs of multiple guests at once.

Some time ago, however, at the Seventh Coffee Festival held in the city of Hayua, Puerto Rico, it was possible to get thousands of people to drink coffee at once, and what was successful was not a team of baristas, but a large coffee brewing device that can brew coffee for more than one person at a time.

The "big guy", which attracts the attention of onlookers, consists of three parts: a hot water storage tank, a large filter cup for coffee powder and a container for coffee liquid, which looks like the basic configuration of hand-brewed coffee from a distance.

According to the merchant's promotion, they used 150 pounds of local Arabica coffee beans, ground them into powder and placed them in a special filter cloth, which was put on the filter cup, and the hot water in the storage tank flowed out through the water pipe. pour about 300 gallons of water into the huge filter cup, which will eventually get a vat of coffee liquid.

According to business estimates, this bucket of coffee liquid can be divided into 4800 cups of coffee, that is to say, one brew can meet the coffee needs of more than 4, 000 people!

As can be seen in the video, hot water is injected into the filter cup from one side of the water pipe, fully soaking the ground coffee powder at the bottom of the filter cup. As more and more hot water is injected, mellow coffee liquid will flow out from the bottom of the filter cup. if onlookers want to taste it, they can turn on the faucet on the wall of the container containing the coffee liquor. pick up a cup of hot coffee like wine from an oak barrel.

The huge and special coffee brewing device surprised coffee lovers. They felt that a large number of tourists participating in the coffee festival could drink coffee at one time, and greatly saved labor. As long as the merchants stood by the container and turned on the faucet from time to time, they could pick up a cup of freshly made hot coffee and sell it to tourists.

However, some people have noticed that the large coffee device seems to be designed with reference to the way of brewing coffee by hand, but in fact, the pipe that flows out of hot water is fixed on one side of the device, and there is no common circular injection of water, nor does it control the size of the water flow. it just flows out of hot water and allows the coffee liquid to seep out after the filter cup is full.

From this point of view, the device is more like an enlarged version of the drip filter coffee machine, the flavor of the coffee is probably closer to the drip filter coffee, and some of the people who pick up the coffee in the video also add granulated sugar to their cups, perhaps to neutralize the bitterness of the coffee.

Large coffee brewers may not be able to make particularly delicious coffee, but in terms of efficiency, few can make so many tourists drink hot coffee as efficiently as it does.

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