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Ruixing pomelo C into oil scraping magic weapon? Drinks are fatter!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop At the beginning of last month, one of Ruixing users 'white moonlight pomelo C American returned, along with decaffeinated pomelo C iced tea, this series of drinks jumped into the hearts of recent consumers, social platforms also from time to time can see netizens sharing

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Early last month, pomelo C, one of lucky users' moonlight, returned to American style, along with decaffeinated pomelo C iced tea, a series of drinks that have become popular with consumers in the near future. netizens' sharing and clocking in can also be seen on social platforms from time to time.

After drinking it, some consumers found that Ruixing's pomelo C series seemed to promote intestinal peristalsis, and some even posted that "Ruixing pomelo C drinks a glass to lose two jin", proving that pomelo C series is effective in scraping oil.

It is understood that grapefruit belongs to low-calorie fruit and is one of the "scraped fruits" recommended by people to lose weight. According to Lucky's official promotion, the pomelo C series uses 0 fat real juice, which is a low-fat drink with coffee concentrate or jasmine tea.

The success of those who have tried to lose weight can make netizens who are in urgent need of weight loss excited, eager to drink a cup of pomelo C drink every day and lose weight into a bolt of lightning within a month, so many people buy Lucky's pomelo C series under the name of "oil scraping artifact." try to see if this drink is really effective in losing weight.

As for the results of the attempt, it can only be said that there are different effects due to personal physical differences, and not every consumer can achieve the effect of weight loss and fat reduction. However, after netizens' evaluation, Ruixing's pomelo C series not only does not have the rumored oil scraping effect of "drink a glass of weight loss two jin", but is not very friendly to people who lose weight.

After testing, pomelo C series under normal circumstances, a single cup calorie is about 150 calories, if you choose not to add additional sugar, the calories are even lower, about 105 calories. However, after drinking the drink, netizens found that their blood sugar rose rapidly in a short period of time. The blood sugar value of pomelo C rose from 5.2 to 10.3 half an hour after an iced tea meal, an increase of 5.1, while the increase of pomelo C half an hour after an American meal was lower, at 2.7.

For people who need to lose fat or control sugar intake, rising blood sugar too high and too fast is not a good thing. Rising blood sugar too fast will trigger a large amount of insulin secretion, and insulin can not only inhibit the rise of blood sugar, but also promote fat synthesis, increase hunger and make people want to eat more, so secreting too much insulin is not conducive to fat loss.

Although the blood sugar test is "a thousand people and a thousand sugars", the effects of different physical tests will be different, but most of the test results show that Ruixing pomelo C series is a low-calorie but fast-rising beverage. In addition, fructose syrup and white granulated sugar appear in the formula table of grapefruit syrup exposed by lucky employees. From this point of view, 0-fat Ruixingpomelo C actually contains a lot of sugar, and long-term drinking may not only have no fat-reducing effect on people who lose weight. it may also be counterproductive due to the intake of too much sugar.

The weight loss effects mentioned by customers who have tried to "go to the bathroom soon after drinking Ruixing pomelo C" and "lose one jin every other day" may be due to lucky ice cubes. After all, it is possible to have diarrhea if you drink too much ice drink.

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