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Why do you want to make your coffee hot? The bottom logic of Japanese ice cream!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, It can be said that hand-brewed coffee is a combination of quality, speed and convenience. It only takes a short amount of time to show the flavor of the beans well. The most popular "dish"in front street stores is it! Every time a customer picks a hand-brewed coffee at a front street store,

It can be said that hand-brewed coffee is an extraction method that combines the advantages of quality, speed and convenience. It only takes a short time to show the flavor of beans. This is the most popular "dish" in Qianjie stores. And whenever guests choose hand-brewed coffee in the Qianjie store, Qianjie always asks the guests if they want to make it cold or hot. If the guests and friends want to drink the flavor of beans, then Qianjie will recommend Rechong. As a result, many guests are puzzled, why do you have to drink hot coffee if you want to make coffee by hand? Can't it be cold?

Why do you have to drink hot if you want flavor? In fact, this thing is very easy to understand, we only need to know the brewing logic between the two, we can figure out why you want to drink flavor, you have to drink hot coffee ~ like most espresso, hand-made coffee is first hot, then ice-brewed. In the production of ice hand punch, the Japanese style ice hand punch is the most popular, that is, the method of adding ice to cool down that we use today. You know, Japanese ice hand flushing is an improved cooking method based on hot hand flushing. We can first take a look at the difference between the two cooking parameters. The parameters of shallow baked beans cooked in the former street are taken as an example:

The parameters of hot coffee are: 15g powder; coarse sugar grinding (10 scale of Ek43; 80% oversieving rate of sieve 20); 92 °C water temperature; 1:15 powder-water ratio (that is, 15g powder with 225ml hot water); brewing time is about 2 minutes. The parameters of iced coffee are: 15g powder; fine sugar grinding (9.5scale of Ek43; 75% oversieving rate of sieve 20); 92 °C water temperature; 1:10:6 powder water ice ratio (i.e. 15g powder, paired with 150ml hot water and 90g ice cubes); brewing time is about 1 minute and 30 seconds. It can be seen that the parameter used by the heat punch is a golden ratio of gold cup extraction, which can extract the flavor substances in the coffee more completely. Ice flushing grinding is finer than hot flushing, and it adds ice and uses less hot water, so its cooking time is relatively shorter. The reason why there is such a difference is to enable coffee to achieve a rapid cooling effect. However, if you brew according to the original proportion and then add ice, it will obviously reduce the powder-to-water ratio and dilute the concentration of coffee.

So the Japanese used the method of high concentration and low extraction to improve the extraction efficiency by fine grinding and increasing the ratio of powder to water, so as to obtain a cup of coffee with high concentration. Then add the right amount of ice to dilute, so that you can get a pot of ice hand coffee with the same concentration as hot water. But this is the accumulation of concentration, in order to brew as complete as possible to release the flavor substances in the coffee, there is enough water and time. Even if the grinding is fine, the extraction efficiency is higher, but because there is too little hot water, the whole cooking can not be carried out to the latter part. Without the support of the latter part of the material, the performance of flavor and tail rhyme will obviously be slightly weaker.

Therefore, the flavor performance of ice hand flushing is weaker than that of hot hand flushing, and if you want to drink the complete flavor performance of beans, the advantage of hot hand flushing is not only the complete flavor performance, but also its aroma will be more prominent. in addition, the coffee has just been extracted from 70 °C until it cools down, the taste and flavor are in a constantly changing process. In other words, we can enjoy a very rich level of change during this period of time, which is also one of the advantages of hot coffee.

Of course, Qianjie is not saying that ice flushing is not as good as hot flushing, but hot hand flushing will be better for the flavor expression of beans. Ice hand Chong also has many advantages, although it leads to flavor and hierarchy because it abandons the material at the end, and the afterrhyme is not as good as the heat rush, but it will drink cleaner and sweeter without the addition of the tail material. The most important thing is that the feeling brought by low temperature will be very refreshing! It's not too comfortable to have a bite in summer!


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