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Coffee pull flowers graphic teaching! What are the main points of making leaves and thousand-layer hearts? Latte coffee pull flower art

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Front street pull flowers small class again! Today, the flower pattern brought by Chien Street is:"Leaves." Although it looked more difficult, it was actually made in the same way as the Thousand Layer Heart. They also need to move evenly to make fine stripes, but the difference is that the leaves have an extra one.

The small class in front of the street starts again! The pattern of flower drawing brought by Qianjie today is: "leaves". Although it seems to be more difficult, in fact, it is made in much the same way as a thousand-layer heart. They also need to make delicate stripes through uniform shaking, but the difference is that the leaves have an extra step of dragging ~ that is to say, if you only need to master the shaking law of a thousand layers of hearts, then the acquisition of leaf patterns is easy!

All right, let's get into today's sharing! The first two small classes can be transmitted directly by clicking the blue word: "the basic pattern teaching: big white heart" and "the advanced pattern of big white heart: a thousand layers of heart".

The thickness of milk foam because the leaves and thousand-layer heart, the need for high mobility of milk foam to make delicate stripes, so the milk foam requires the same silky thin milk foam. Too thick milk foam is difficult to shake, while too thin milk foam is easy to distort the figure. Therefore, Qianjie recommends that leaves use milk bubbles with the same thickness as a thousand-layer heart, whisking 5% full milk to 6% full milk.

Fused milk leaves also need strong convection to make the pattern at the bottom return to form a wrapping potential. So we need to use a small amount of milk for fusion, so that the liquid surface can be in a lower position (5 points full), and there will be a strong convection when the foam is injected later.

It is worth mentioning that the specific milk level should be chosen according to your flower jar. The volume of the flower jar of many friends is too small, and this kind of small milk tank is usually unable to tilt too much because of the capacity problem. If the tilt is not enough, the cylinder nozzle can not be close to the liquid surface, and the foam will be difficult to leave white stripes on the coffee surface (it is difficult to draw). Therefore, when your milk tank can not tilt too much, you need to increase the amount of milk fusion, raise the height of the liquid level, so as to get a suitable drawing position.

The injection point of the leaf is very different from that of the white heart and the heart of a thousand layers. The injection points of the two heart-shaped patterns are located at 1 point 4. In the case of swinging in place, the heart-shaped pattern will gradually move to the center along the back cup.

On the other hand, if the leaf's drawing point is also located in 1Compact 4, the whole pattern will be skewed upward; moreover, it will also have a backward pull, so we need to put its drawing point in the middle to leave enough room for the pattern swinging backward.

How to wobble

As mentioned at the beginning, the difference between a leaf and a thousand-layer heart is that the thousand-layer heart is almost motionless, while the leaves need to be pulled backward to make the main part of the leaves. This way is very proficient, so Qianjie suggests using detergent and soy sauce to practice first, and then use milk and concentrate for actual combat when you are proficient in it.

Then the next step is to get into the actual operation. First of all, we merge to the full of 6 minutes of the cup volume, and then inject milk foam into the center point to pull flowers. But remember, at the beginning, do not rush to pull back, stay for a while, after making the two leaves of the leaves, swing back evenly! Then when we pull back and swing, the cylinder nozzle needs to be raised properly, so that the stripes can be clearer and keep a certain distance! But just remember not to raise it, just between 0.5~1cm! When we are about to retreat to the edge of the cup, we should not rush to start the closing action, first lower the cylinder mouth, pour out more foam to form love, and then raise the cylinder mouth to finish, so that the leaves will look better.


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