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The netherworld was awake! Get a cup of coffee to the grave!!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop is now the Qingming holiday, I don't know if the friends have taken advantage of the good weather to go out for a walk, or at the urging of the elders to bring some sacrifices, go to the mountain and sleep ancestors "chat." But when it comes to mountain worship, some areas are

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It is the Qingming Festival holiday. I wonder if my friends have taken advantage of the fine weather to go out for an outing, or at the urging of their elders, take some sacrifices and go to the mountains to "chat" with their sleeping ancestors.

However, when it comes to mountain worship, some areas pay attention to time when visiting tombs and paying homage to their ancestors, such as strictly requiring them to arrive at the mausoleum before dawn. This kind of request is too excruciating for young people. After all, most people want to sleep more when it comes to the holidays, and it is too difficult to get up early and go up the mountain.

Perhaps in view of the caffeine needs of young people who get up early to visit their graves, coffee shopkeepers set up coffee stalls in the mausoleum this Qingming Festival holiday to provide bewildered mountain worshippers with a cup of coffee to dispel their sleepiness. In some cemeteries, there are not only coffee stalls, but also stalls selling simple breakfasts for the convenience of many people who go out in a hurry and do not have breakfast.

Most of the cemeteries are in the suburbs or in the mountains, and there are not many merchants selling food nearby. Even in the time of Ching Ming Festival, there were more stalls selling Qingming sacrifices, which was very inconvenient for people who needed breakfast or lunch.

Now there are temporary coffee stalls and coffee cars in the mausoleum. For consumers who can't afford a cup of coffee every day, these temporary stalls are like timely rain to meet the caffeine needs of mountain worshippers and go up to the mountain to worship refreshing after drinking. After going down the mountain, these mobile stalls provide a place for passers-by to rest, not only to provide some simple meals to cushion people's stomach, but also to order a cup of coffee to catch up with relatives and friends.

In addition to buying themselves a cup of "life coffee", the young people also bought a cup for their ancestors on the mountain and took them to the tombstone to share with their ancestors who did not realize the good life now, so as to comfort their ancestors' current happy life.

This also makes netizens sigh a lot. In the past, their parents went to the mountains to worship, mostly burning paper money, using chicken, duck, fish and meat as sacrifices, abiding by the traditional rules to worship their ancestors. However, the young people who take over from their parents do not want to follow the rules very much. They will replace traditional sacrifices with popular foods such as coffee and share new things with their ancestors.

Seeing the coffee placed in front of many tombstones, netizens teased that there was not only the aroma of coffee in the cemetery, but also the aroma of coffee in the cemetery. Some people touched the scene and could not help thinking about the scene a hundred years later. One after another in the comment area, they "ordered" with the next generation whom they had not yet met: "after I die, I will drink the Ethiopian water wash of the new production season", "bring me a cup of pomelo C American or raw coconut latte", "I will wash the roses with my hands".

In addition to ordering with their next generation, some netizens who are used to doing it themselves hope that the next generation can bring themselves a set of handmade utensils or a hot mom coffee machine, so that they can drink coffee every day even in the underworld.

As some netizens joked, this generation is the "coffee man coffee soul", no matter when and where can not be separated from a cup of fragrant coffee.

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