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How do you know how to handle coffee in one bite? What's the difference between sun and water? How to taste hand-brewed coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Front Street stores often brew some of the recently popular beans as demos to share with customers. Then from time to time, a guest friend would drink the bean processing method in a single sip, causing other guests to send out a shocked sigh:"How did you drink the bean processing method in a single sip? "Actually, it's

Qianjie stores often cook some recently popular beans as Demo and share them with customers. Then from time to time, some guests and friends will drink out the treatment of beans, causing other guests and friends to sigh with shock: "how do you drink beans in one mouthful?"

In fact, it is very simple, as long as you find the right way, the treatment is very easy to distinguish. good! Today, Qianjie will share this method with you, so that everyone can become the taste of coffee! Jian! Big! Division!

The first step to distinguish the taste: a simple understanding of the processing process of coffee raw beans determines the overall flavor of coffee, therefore, understanding the treatment process will be of great help to our tasting ability. On the other hand, Qianjie has carried out the method sheet for analysis and explanation for many times, so today, let's just get to know it! (if you want to know more, you can click the subtitle below to send ~) the treatment we need to know this time is mainly solarization and washing. "tanning": tanning is the most traditional and oldest way to treat coffee. After a long period of sunshine, the picked coffee fruit will be dried directly. After the water content of the coffee fruit is reduced to a certain extent, the coffee fruit can be shelled and the fermented coffee beans can be removed.

"Water washing": water washing is the treatment of island farmers according to local conditions. The peeled and fleshed coffee beans are fermented and decomposed with a large amount of water, and then dried with sunshine. After the water content is reduced to a certain extent, the washing treatment is completed! K72, double washing and other treatments are all a kind of washing.

After knowing each other, how to drink the beans in one gulp? Through the processing of coffee beans will be given different characteristics, we just need to find out these characteristics in the coffee taste, piece together, we can get the raw bean processing information of this cup of coffee! When the guests and friends who arrive at the store have such a need, Qianjie always recommends him to make a comparison by drinking different treatments from the same production area, because this can most intuitively feel the differences between different treatments. And the producing area recommended by Qianjie is Ethiopia! The reason for the recommendation is simple: the flavor of the production area is more prominent, we all know, there will not be too many influencing factors, so we can better distinguish the differences brought by the treatment. In this article, Qianjie selects two Ethiopian Yega Snow beans as representatives, they are: sun-red cherries and washed Kochel.

The cooking parameters used by both are the same: 20g powder, 10-scale grinding with a powder-water ratio of 1: 15 × Ek43, a water temperature of 92 °C, a filter cup of V60 and a three-stage cooking method. Since cooking is not the focus of this chapter, let's skip it directly.

The bean flavor of Yejia snow coffee must be very familiar to everyone. Citrus, flower aroma and tea taste are the main flavor features of the producing area. And the extra feeling on this basis is the characteristics (most) brought about by processing.

In addition to the basic flavor, the Yejia snow coffee under the sun treatment also has the fermented aroma of the fruit, with weak acidity, higher sweetness and obvious hierarchy. Washed Esser beans can obviously feel that the acidity of citrus has been strengthened, prominent and bright, tea and flowers are more intense, the whole cup of coffee gives people the feeling is very clean!

Why is there such a difference? Because the sun treatment directly insolates the whole coffee fruit (peel and pulp raw beans) for a long time, the degree of fermentation will be stronger than washing, so microorganisms produce more aroma substances and layers will be richer; moreover, raw beans absorb a large amount of sugar contained in pulp pectin, weakening the acidity and making it sweeter. The reason why the Yega acidity of the washing treatment is higher is that the sugars of raw coffee beans are constantly consumed when fermented in water and converted into sour substances. That's why the acidity is more obvious, and the cleanliness is higher because you don't have to be exposed to unstable space for a long time and there are fewer substances that affect cleanliness.

So we all know the characteristics of these two types of treatment! Most sun-treated coffee tastes sweet, fruity, layered and slightly fermented; washed coffee is clean, sour and floral.

All right, pick up the beans and try it! As long as you drink more, you will be able to find out the characteristics of the treatment, and you will be the next master of taste!


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