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Just 15 minutes? Lucky cold extract is accused of "light as water"

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop summer is the hot sale period of ice drink, each coffee brand will be online at this time all kinds of cold drinks, Ruixing is no exception, recently in Beijing, Wuhan and other ground new cold extract coffee. Relatively independent coffee shops often 20 or 30 cold extract coffee, lucky

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Summer is the hot season for ice drinks, and coffee brands will go online at this time for all kinds of cold drinks. Lucky is no exception. Recently, new cold coffee is available in Beijing, Wuhan and other places.

Compared with cold extract coffee, which is often in its twenties and thirties in independent coffee shops, Ruixing's prices are quite close to the people. Mini Program shows that you can get a cup for less than 20 yuan, and some users with coupons can even buy a cup of cold extract at 9.9. It is precisely because of its high quality and low price, Lucky Lengjie has become a recent favorite of many users after it has been launched in several limited cities.

Recently, however, consumers who bought Lucky Lengjie reported that the cold extracted coffee they got was lighter in color and tasted lighter, like drinking a cup of ice water with a bit of coffee flavor. This situation also happened to more than one consumer, and some netizens who had tried it said that the lucky cold extract they received was the same, "it feels like American water."

In the face of customers' questions, Ruixing employees were very helpless, saying that the cold extract coffee was all made according to the process, and the product did not cut corners. Some employees posted some diagrams of cold extraction production to explain the production process of cold extraction: use a whole bag of ground coffee powder, add direct drinking water in proportion, stir the coffee powder to soak it all, take out the coffee powder bag and refrigerate the coffee liquid directly after 15 minutes.

This process surprises coffee lovers. Cold-extracted coffee is obtained by low-temperature extraction, which can be directly soaked with normal temperature water or ice water, mixed with ground coffee powder, refrigerated for a period of time and then filtered.

The appearance of cold-extracted coffee is not much different from that of American style, but if you want to get a good cup of cold-extracted coffee, in addition to coffee beans, grinding degree and other factors, the soaking time of coffee powder is also particularly important. If the time is short, it will be light to drink. If the time is too long, the taste may be too strong.

However, there is no unified standard for how long the cold extract needs to be soaked. Starbucks' cold extraction immersion time is 14 hours, Tims is 16 hours, independent coffee shop cold extraction immersion time also varies, but usually the cold immersion time is controlled within 8 to 24 hours.

In comparison, the cold extract produced by Lucky in 15 minutes can be said to be a "quick cold extract", and many netizens are puzzled by Ruixing's cold extraction production process. "soaking for 15 minutes, those who don't know think that they will bathe the coffee powder", "soak for 15 minutes to let the coffee powder lose some color at most", "not to mention cold extraction coffee. I thought half of American drinks were filled with water."

However, some consumers who have bought the product believe that the reason why Lucky tastes "as light as water" may be due to the staff making the wrong proportion, or forgetting to stir and not fully soak the coffee powder. If it is operated normally in accordance with the process, Lucky's cold extract will not be insipid.

And in the eyes of lucky users, you don't have to spend more than 20 yuan to drink a cup of cold extract. What kind of bike is this?

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