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The sense of presence was too low! Mstand makes bird's nest latte!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Coffee Studio Drink-and-Edible combo just went offline, and Mstand launched a new campaign. It is reported that there are three new products launched today, a coffee drink camellia bird's nest latte, a dessert lemon cream cube and a snack spicy dragon

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As soon as combo, which can drink and eat, went offline, Mstand went on to launch a new campaign. It is reported that there are three new products on the market today, including a coffee drink camellia bird's nest latte, a dessert lemon cream Rubik's cube and a snack spicy crayfish salted egg yolk pot. If members buy a package, they can also get a camellia backpack.

Prior to this, Starbucks, Ruixing and other brands have launched camellia-flavored coffee drinks, light and elegant flowers, sweet taste and mellow coffee to form a unique flavor, won the praise and love of many consumers.

After that, Mstand launched the camellia latte as a new product, which naturally had to make a difference, so it added bird's nest to the coffee on the basis of the original camellia latte. Well, that's right, it's not "oats", it's "bird's nest"!

Bird's nest is deeply loved by female consumers because it is rich in a variety of amino acids and proteins and has the effect of beauty and beauty. It is an inexpensive tonic. As a result, netizens were surprised to learn that Mstand had added a high-cost bird's nest to the coffee, and as soon as the event was launched, they wanted to buy it and try what it tasted like.

However, after the actual taste, the netizens who were full of expectations felt a little confused. After this cup of new product was imported, apart from the flavor of camellia latte, the reality of bird's nest was not obvious, and even some customers questioned whether bird's nest was really added to the drink.

"anyway, I didn't drink the existence of a bird's nest."I didn't expect a strong sense of existence of a bird's nest."I just drank a trace of a bird's nest after drinking."Camellia bird's nest latte generally hasn't tasted a bird's nest."it seems that I did drink some unknown semi-solid!"

Because of its light taste, bird's nest usually needs to be cooked with other food in order to taste a little. Therefore, when it is added to the coffee liquid, the mellow smell of coffee basically masks the original taste of bird's nest. for drinkers who are not familiar with bird's nest, it is difficult to judge whether bird's nest is added to the drink by taste.

In addition, if you drink in large mouthfuls, the "shredded" bird's nest may be mixed with coffee liquid and flow into your belly. In the whole process, the bird's nest "walks gently without leaving a trace", so that customers do not feel its existence.

However, not feeling the bird's nest does not mean that the Mstand clerks put less raw materials in the production process. Some consumers open the lid after drinking coffee and can obviously see that there are still a lot of broken bird's nests left at the bottom of the cup. At this time, you should take out the spoon that comes with Mstand and scoop up the broken bird's nest at the bottom and eat it slowly.

As netizens said, the taste of camellia latte and bird's nest does not change much after mixing, but it just adds a little different taste. However, when it comes to whether or not they are willing to buy back, many people say that for the sake of genuine bird's nests, it is not impossible to consider.

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