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Starbucks is about to launch a new spicy coffee line!

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop With the end of the Qingming holiday, the temperature in many parts of the country has risen, reminding us that summer is really coming, and this means that Starbucks 'summer menu is about to be updated!!! On April 1, an Instagram user posted

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With the end of the Qingming Festival holiday, temperatures have rebounded in many parts of the country, reminding us that summer is really coming, which means that Starbucks' summer menu is about to be updated!

On April 1, an instagrams user posted a post saying that Starbucks' summer products had been "exposed" ahead of schedule, and that they were going to shock everyone with a new "hot lemon special drink series", which was not an April Fool's Day joke.

According to @ markie_devo 's posts on social media, this year's Starbucks summer menu will feature some unprecedented "quaint" products, including a number of innovative drinks and snacks in taste or ingredients, including a spicy new Refreshers series that was once forwarded to various platforms by surfers.

Starbucks plans to launch the spicy ice-shaken lemon special line at Starbucks stores across the United States on April 16, with limited time specials, according to the person familiar with the matter. As can be seen from the accompanying promotional map, it includes three different fruit flavors for consumers to choose from, namely, fuchsia dragon fruit, pink strawberry and orange pineapple, which looks like other ordinary Starbucks juices.

In the past few days, there have been a lot of spoilers in the "spicy" part that people are most concerned about. According to various netizens, "spicy" is mainly made by adding special chili powder (Spicy Chili Powder Blend) to the original lemon ice drink, and the other components are the same as Starbucks' long-standing Refreshers series. But in order to increase the selling point, Starbucks also specially launched a spicy iced milk lid (Spicy Cream Cold Foam) for everyone to choose from. I don't know what the flavor will be when it is added.

On social media, a Starbucks employee posted a trailer video to film the production of the new spicy product, with "spicy eye-proof" goggles on the cover. In the video, the barista pours pineapple juice and lemonade to the bottom, adds a spoonful of dried pineapple, then two tablespoons of the most eye-catching red "chili powder", then adds enough ice, shakes it well and pours into a finished glass.

In fact, this is not the first time Starbucks has introduced spicy drinks on its menu. As early as 2015, Starbucks stores in China launched a spicy coffee called "spicy Pepper Mocha" for the New year. At one point, it also attracted a lot of novelty hunters to challenge. According to the promotional document at that time, the "spicy raw material" mixed in this drink is a spicy pepper sauce made from Indian pepper, Xinjiang sweet pepper and Hebei Tianying pepper, while the cream part is mixed with the flavor of Chinese prickly ash. It's both sweet and bitter, spicy and spicy.

Looking back at Starbucks' recently updated drinks, from "Dongpo braised pork latte" to "mustard pistachio latte" to this "spicy lemon juice" spread online, the matching idea of each product makes people feel "wayward". It can be said that we are going further and further on the road of "darkness". As for the taste of Starbucks' limited "chili water" in North America, and whether it will be put on the shelves in domestic stores, let's wait and see!

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