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This is how sparkling ice American giant delicious! What is the best ratio of sparkling water to espresso?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, In the 21st century, carbonated drinks are still one of the most popular drinks in the world. Carbonated drinks refer to the drinks containing carbon dioxide bubbles, such as sparkling wine, soda, coke Sprite and other drinks are carbonated drinks! The reason why carbonated drinks are so popular is that they are created by bubbles in their bodies.

In the 21st century, carbonated drinks are still one of the most popular drinks in the world. Carbonated drinks refer to drinks containing carbon dioxide bubbles, such as sparkling wine, soda, Coke Sprite and so on. The reason why carbonated drinks are so popular can not be separated from the unique taste created by bubbles in their bodies. People have the same feeling about carbonated drinks: cool, refreshing, exciting but pleasant. A special coffee full of bubbles was born in the coffee industry a few years ago, and today, it is still the heart of most people! It is the Bubble American style.

What is Bubble American? As the name implies, bubble American is a cup of American coffee full of bubbles. It's not difficult to do this, just replace the water used in the United States with sparkling water.

But then a friend will ask, "it's just an extra bubble. American style is American style. How good can it be?" Oh, don't tell me, it's really delicious! Not only that, the experience of Bubble American has already begun from the moment it was made. It is said that the moment the production is finished, it actually starts from the time when it is concentrated and drenched on the bubble water. When we pour espresso on bubble water, we can hear a lot of bubble bursting, crackling sound stimulating our brain, at this time the brain will begin to secrete dopamine, making people feel very cured and comfortable.

Then, use a straw to stir slightly (be sure to be slight) so that the concentration and bubbles can be completely merged. At the moment of bubble American import, countless bubbles begin to burst one after another because they touch the mouth, which makes people feel slightly paralyzed and painful, which is what we call the feeling of stimulation. It is also the most addictive factor of Bubble American.

This is followed by the flavor characteristics of coffee itself, because sparkling water does not affect the flavor of coffee too much. Therefore, under the double wonderful experience, Bubble American is very enjoyable and naturally makes people indulge in it. But you know, a cup of delicious bubble American style, it is more fastidious to do!

How does bubble American taste good? Well done, it is the supreme carbonated drink, do not do well, then it is often ridiculed as "bubble brush pot water". So next, let's share with Qianjie how delicious bubbles are made. The parameters are as follows: concentrated 40ml (20g powder extracted in 30 seconds), bubble water 160ml, ice cube 100ml. As you can see, it is no different from the conventional American style, simply replacing the water with bubble water. But if you think of it as a regular American production, then you will see the following scene!

This is due to the consequence that the concentration is poured directly into it, as usual in the American style. Bubble water and concentration in strong contact, produce a "stress reaction", bubbles burst, concentrated oil directly evolved into foam gushing out, and then quickly disintegrated because of the dissipation of carbon dioxide, forming a potholed ugly surface. This kind of bubble American style not only looks not beautiful enough, but also lacks irritation when drunk. Because the bubbles in the water have been subjected to the impact of concentration, have burst. When it comes to drinking, we already lack a lot of bubbles, and the experience is greatly weakened. Most importantly, the bitterness is obvious. Therefore, when making bubble American style, we'd better pay attention to the following two points:

First, reduce the impact of concentrated bubbles is the main contributor to stimulate the taste, in order to maintain high-quality taste, we need to maximize the retention of bubbles. Therefore, it is not advisable to pour espresso from a higher position (or harder) as just now. We can get close to the liquid surface, or pour concentration on the ice, so that we can minimize the impact and reduce the occurrence of "stress reaction". (in the same way when pouring bubbles of water, we also need to reduce the impact.)

Get rid of the oil of espresso although the oil is the soul of espresso, for bubble American, the fine powder in the oil will aggravate the rate of bubble loss and provide some bitterness to the coffee. Therefore, when we make bubble American style, it is best to remove the grease, which can reduce the loss of bubbles, enhance the taste and remove the bitterness of fine powder at the same time.


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