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What's a hanging coffee? How to make coffee? How to make Japanese ice cream?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Feel that, my friends? After two days of thunderstorms dispersed, the temperature began to slowly climb, drinking iced coffee season again!!! However, coffee is wanted, door is not wanted. So, is there any way to make a good iced coffee at home? There was indeed! Almighty Front Street starts

You feel that, my friends? After the thunderstorm in the past two days, the temperature began to climb slowly, and the season for drinking iced coffee came again! However, you want to drink coffee, but you don't want to get out of the door. So, is there any simple way to make a good iced coffee at home? There is! The almighty front street took it out of his pocket:

"hanging ear Coffee" so let's take a look at the front street today to see how to use hanging ear coffee bags to simply make delicious iced coffee.

What is hanging-ear coffee? As a rule, first briefly introduce the hanging ear coffee! To put it simply, hanging-ear coffee is a portable and easy-to-make "hand-made coffee"! The coffee powder is pre-ground and sealed in a filter bag specially made of non-woven fabric, so that it is easy to carry and make. Filter bags act as filter paper to filter coffee grounds during brewing, while paper ears are installed on both sides to empty the bag, and they act as filter cups. As long as these two "ears" are hung on the wall of the cup, the filter bag can be supported for coffee brewing, so it is called "hanging ears".

The way to make hanging-ear coffee can be simple or exquisite. Exquisite is to use the same method as hand brewing, through precise parameters to control, flush out the black coffee with good flavor; to put it simply, water temperature, water injection, all rely on visual inspection ~ this will be more in line with the portable characteristics of hanging ears.

How to make a delicious iced coffee with hanging ears? In fact, it is very simple, there are two ways to make iced coffee, one is the drip filter that you can drink immediately, and the other is the immersion that takes a long time to wait! But either way, it's very easy to make. Then let's start with Qianjie.

First, it is right to use the ice hand to make the coffee. The ice brewing method of hand brewing coffee is the fastest way for us to get a cup of ice hanging ear coffee. The conventional ice hand will improve the extraction rate by fine grinding on the basis of hot flushing, then increase the concentration by enlarging the ratio of powder to water, and finally add ice for cooling and dilution, and a cup of delicious ice hand coffee will be completed.

However, the hanging-ear coffee bag has ground the powder ahead of time, and we cannot improve the extraction efficiency by fine grinding. Therefore, it is necessary to find another way to increase the extraction efficiency by working on other parameters. For example: raise the water temperature. The reason for increasing the extraction rate is that we need to reduce the amount of water, increase the concentration of coffee, and leave enough room for ice dilution. In this way, when the ice has a rapid cooling effect on coffee by melting, it will not be light and thin. The conventional boiling water temperature is 92 °C (shallow baked beans) / 88 °C (deep baked beans). On this basis, we can increase the temperature by 2 °C. if you are a friend without a thermometer, you can boil the water directly. Then leave it for about 1 minute (in the case of pouring the pot, the time can be extended by 30 seconds). Normally, the amount of powder in a bag of hanging ears is about 10g. The proportion of powdered water ice washed by ice hands is 1:10:6, which translates into the parameter of hanging earbag is 10g powder, boiled with 100ml hot water, 60g ice cubes. The cooking steps are as follows: ① is steamed with a small amount of hot water, and the injected hot water is just covered with coffee powder. At this time, the approximate amount of water is 20ml. ② is then injected into the remaining 80ml hot water in a small flow and in a small circle. If you don't have a small-caliber kettle at home, use a hot kettle instead of pouring in, then take out a small spoon or stick and stir it 10 times. ③, after the coffee liquid has been filtered, the coffee can be poured into a container with ice cubes for fusion, so that a cup of ice-cold coffee is finished.

Second, it is very simple to make cold extraction in the way of cold extraction. Just prepare any sealable container, then tear open the earbag, pour the coffee powder in the earbag in proportion with the normal temperature water (keep the empty earbag, don't throw it away). The powder-to-water ratio is 1:10, that is, 10g coffee powder needs to be poured into 100ml room temperature water.

Qianjie recommends one-time use of multiple packets for extraction. After all, a bag of coffee extracted from a hanging ear may only be about 80ml (the powder will absorb water). Then put it in the refrigerator and extract it for one night, and the next day you can filter out the coffee powder by hanging earbags.

After we filter it out, we can taste the concentration first. if the concentration is appropriate, there is no need to add ice. if the concentration is too strong, we can add ice to dilute it.

It's easy to soak in a short cup, so it's best to use a tall cup.


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