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How much milk do you need for different Italian milk coffee, such as latte, capo, and Australian white? What is the right ratio of coffee to milk?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Espresso is a collective name that includes all products that add milk to espresso. The variety of milk coffee on the market is very rich, and the production methods of different categories are not the same. Because there is no uniform standard, the parameters of the same milk coffee vary depending on the producer's understanding of it

Espresso is a general term that contains all the products that add milk to espresso. The variety of milk coffee on the market is very rich, and the production methods of different categories are not the same. Because there is no uniform standard, the parameters of the same milk coffee will change according to the producer's different understanding of it. There is a lot of discussion about the production of milk coffee, among which the ratio of coffee to milk has always been a problem that everyone is willing to discuss. Because in order to make a good cup of Italian milk coffee, it is very important to control the ratio of coffee to milk. So, the question is: what proportion should be used for different milk cafes? How much milk should be added?

Find out the characteristics because different milk cafes have different characteristics, so they can exist as independent products. When we choose a milk coffee in a coffee shop, in addition to being confused when we first arrive, we are now more likely to drink the characteristics of this cup of milk coffee. So, when we want to make a good cup of milk coffee, the first thing we need to know is what it drinks!

It should be noted that the ratio of milk to coffee mentioned in this article is based on the materials used in front street. Maybe everyone uses different beans and milk, so the parameters are not absolute. After all, different beans and different milk have different expressive force. So the most important thing is the collocation logic of this milk coffee. Only by understanding the characteristics can we make the characteristics.

Latte "Latte" can be said that the reason why latte is so popular, "milk" is the main contributor. When most people taste coffee for the first time, they hardly have the concept of tasting flavor, and their understanding of coffee is "bitter". Under the "irrigation" of a large amount of milk, the concentration and bitterness of the coffee are diluted, which reduces the difficulty of drinking coffee for many people who cannot drink bitterness; at the same time, milk does not conceal the flavor of the coffee when it is diluted, and the two complement each other. The sweetness of milk and the aroma of coffee blend together, which makes a cup of latte suitable for both young and old.

Therefore, the main point of making a latte is simple: find a balance between coffee and milk, so that the taste of the two is balanced and does not cover up each other, so as to achieve complementary results. The front street latte is made at 1:5, concentrated 40ml and milk 200ml. At this ratio, milk and coffee are in a very balanced state. After perfect fusion, the taste of the whole drink is very full and sweet.

Cappuccino "Cappuccino" in an article a few days ago, the front street mentioned that the thick foam of cappuccino is one of its major features. It can not only make the coffee taste more compact, but also reduce the amount of milk, increase the proportion of coffee, and make it more concentrated.

Therefore, the main point of cappuccino production is: more milk bubbles, less milk. The taste of milk can not be the same as that of coffee, and the taste of coffee needs to be more prominent. Therefore, the proportion used in Front Street is 1:4, condensed into 40ml and milk as 160ml. In this proportion, the taste of coffee will be more prominent, but it will not be too concentrated because of the presence of milk. Then through the dismissal, get a thicker milk foam, the overall taste is dense, the coffee taste is very strong.

Dirty coffee / DirtyDirty is interesting because it is concentrated and the milk is layered, so you don't have to worry about how much milk will affect the taste of the coffee.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, it is inevitable that some Xiaobai friends will order a cup with a fresh mind and then stir it to drink because they do not know what it is. So we still have to pay attention to milk and control it in a state that tastes good even after stirring. The proportion used on the front street is 1:4, that is, concentrated 40ml and milk 160ml. The Dirty made in this way can be drunk in just a few mouthfuls with the normal drinking method. Even if it is stirred and blended, Xiaobai friends can drink a cup of latte with the right concentration.

Australia White "Flat white" is finally Australia White, it has two different production methods. One is to use the traditional Italian concentration as the base, and the other is to use Ristrido as the base.

Australia White emphasizes the flavor of the coffee itself, but it is not as strong as the cappuccino. So, if you are using traditional espresso, then the proportion used in Front Street is 1 PUR 4.5. That is, concentrated 40ml, 180 ml of milk; if Riestriot is used as the substrate, then the ratio will be magnified. Because Ristow has fewer bitter substances, it is easy to be covered by the taste of milk. On the front street, the proportion of Australian white made from Riestriot is 1:4, that is, coffee 30ml and milk 120ml. The Australian white made in this way is very fragrant, silky and mellow!

Write at the end of the sentence, these parameters are based on the front street mix and milk adjustments, may not apply to your home mix and milk. So please match it according to the taste of your beans and the concentration of your milk, so that you can make a good Italian milk coffee.


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