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Well-known coffee brand Manner opens sharing mode with real estate chain stores

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, Shanghai netizens accidentally found a new Manner coffee in a chain community store. Interestingly, the two logos not only "share"the same sign, but both inside and outside the store show white and green mixed in half.

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Recently, some netizens in Shanghai accidentally discovered that a new Manner coffee had been opened in a Lianjia community store. Interestingly, the Logo of the two companies not only "share" the same signboard, but also show a half-mixed layout of white and green inside and outside the store, with the white triangular corner of Manner and Lianjia's housing information board at the entrance, which makes the painting style really strange.

In this regard, many netizens began to guess, is Manner going to start the layout of community stores? Or did Lianjia take a stake in Manner? Or is it a time-limited joint cooperation between the two brands? With the end of the preparation, Lianjia finally "announced" the correct answer two days ago.

On April 7, Shanghai Lianjia announced the opening of its first sharing store with coffee brand MANNER, located at 184th Lane 100th Zhongtan Road.

Lianjia, as a leading enterprise in the real estate field, does have a huge and extensive coverage in the number of stores, whether in the core business district or residential areas, people who need to rent or buy houses can always easily find this "green house".

Manner, known as the "moonlight of the Coffee session" by beating workers, has always been located in a corner of the key business circle or in coffee gathering places under large office buildings. It is a refreshing place for countless office workers to clock in or take a lunch break. Only a few stores will open in places where gallery, parks, snow-capped mountains and other people are not too concentrated. But this time the bar is directly "moved" to the community, but also with the real estate "agents" to share the space, it is some "abnormal".

For the cross-border frame of the two brands, many netizens were surprised, but also pointed out that there are great differences in the main consumer positioning of the two brands, which can be said to be "completely different" in style. Manner can go every day, after all, drinking ten or twenty percent of coffee is a daily need, and consumers who go to Lianjia are obviously heading for housing. There is a clear demand for buying or renting a house, so it is difficult to spark too much even if they put it together.

As the Manner stationed in Lianjia is located at the entrance of the community, the daily flow of people is generally not too low, so some consumers say that although it may not be as popular as it is in the business circle, it is also a good attempt to attract incidental passenger flow. Besides, at present, this composite model has only opened one store, which is still in a wait-and-see state, and the response depends on the future operation.

When it comes to the reasons for the cooperation between the two companies, there is also a lot of talk, some people think that this is an attempt by Manner to expand community channels, others joke that it may be to reduce the trouble caused by rent. However, netizens spoke louder about the cooperation between the two than praise and expectation.

"can you buy a house by 50, 000 with your own cup?"if you can't afford a coffee, you can't afford to live in a home."when you have a cup of coffee, you buy an apartment?"Slogan: buying a house is as easy as buying coffee."

"Lianjia has no money to pay the rent, manner has no money to pay the rent, and they are married."

Over the years, with the normalization of joint names, various forms of collocation have emerged one after another, but less and less can be remembered. In the coffee circle, cross-border joint cooperation among brands is common, and it is not uncommon to build composite stores with head brands in other industries, but the "maverick" Manner has unexpectedly opened a shared store with real estate big name Lianjia, no doubt to roll out another new model.

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