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Hong Kong's online coffee brand % Arabica next to a lamp post, causing injuries

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop comprehensive customs clearance, more and more mainland tourists go to Hong Kong tourism consumption, in addition to running to a variety of Hong Kong-style food and shopping holy land, but also do not forget to go to the high film rate of "online hit card." Among them, a %A located on the waterfront of Kennedy Town in Western District

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After full customs clearance, more and more mainland tourists come to Hong Kong for tourism and consumption. in addition to going to various Hong Kong-style food and shopping destinations, they also do not forget to go to the "online celebrity punch-in place" with a high production rate.

Among them,% Arabica, located at the waterfront of Arthur Edward Kennedy City in the Western District, is located next to the "Sky Mirror" at the West District Ferry Pier. Its beautiful sea view and pure white design make it often appear on the list of popular recommendations, and it has become one of the most popular travel sign-in points in Hong Kong among netizens. But recently, there has been an accident here.

According to Hong Kong media Sing Tao Guangdong-Hong Kong Link, at about 7 p.m. on the 7th, a lamppost on Dad's Nuclear Street near the waterfront of Arthur Edward Kennedy suddenly caught fire and smoke, and there was an explosion and power lines were exposed. A mainland tourist was hit in the head by a part of a lamppost for avoiding flash in time, and several passers-by made a report to the police after seeing the situation. The fire then rushed to the scene, and the tourist was taken by ambulance to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment while staying awake.

It is understood that the lamppost involved is located on the side of% Arabica, the online celebrity coffee shop, where it intersects the restaurant next door, and it is also a very hot camera spot on the social platform. On weekdays, many mainland tourists go to sign in, and consumers holding coffee often shuttle outside this% Arabica store.

Some netizens said that when they took pictures at the scene, they also saw the process that the lamppost was injured, and the loud bang was very frightening.

As can be seen from the pictures at the scene, the wire protection cover in the lower half of the lamp post has bounced away. Firefighters will encircle the scene to investigate the cause of the accident and will follow up with the relevant departments. The cases were classified as "damage to government property" and "accidental injury".

Affected by the incident, the section of Davis Street between Catchick Street and the new waterfront of Kennedy Town was closed for a time (it was lifted at about 9 pm that night). Staff of the HEC and the Gas Company were also present to carry out inspections.

The Highways Department replied to the media that upon receipt of the report, the street lamp maintenance contractor immediately sent staff to the scene to inspect the lamp post at the scene and confirmed that there had been no explosion of the street lamp (No. 39937).

The incident may involve the lamp post terminal cover, which is suspected to be ejected due to unknown gas, which in turn loosens the lamp post cover, but the terminal base, power supply lines and parts are not damaged and the street lamps can still operate normally. The Gas Company also said that it believed that the incident had nothing to do with Towngas. In accordance with the instructions of the firemen at the scene, the Department has suspended the operation of the whole set of street lights on the same line as the lights involved to tie in with the investigation of the relevant departments.

Photo by: star Island Guangdong-Hong Kong Link

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