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Center console equipped with hand washing bar, net friend: car own coffee house

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| The coffee workshop mentioned coffee cart, and the first thing that comes to mind should be the mobile coffee cart with the trunk transformed. In recent years, many young people with coffee dreams have chosen to transform their cars and open a coffee shop that does not stick to a certain location at a lower cost. ran

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When it comes to coffee cars, the first thing that comes to mind is a mobile coffee car with a modified trunk. In recent years, many young people with coffee dreams have chosen to transform their cars and open a coffee shop that does not stick to a certain location at a lower cost.

However, most mobile coffee cars are equipped with a coffee bar and related equipment in the trunk of the car. if the owner wants a cup of coffee halfway, he needs to park the coffee car by the side of the road before making it. It may not be easy to find a temporary parking space in some cities, which makes it difficult for car owners who want to pick themselves up with a cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.

As a result, a Didi driver had a whim and moved the mini-bar for making coffee into the car and installed it above the central console of the car. Although there is not much space, it is more than enough to put a set of hand-brewing coffee utensils. You can boil a pot of water in the middle of driving and wait for a red light to make yourself a cup of fresh, warm hand-brewed coffee.

If there is a traffic jam on the road, the owner can take the time to make it when the car stops to wait for passage, which can not only satisfy his appetite, but also share it with the passengers in the back seat. Perhaps the unpleasant traffic jam is not difficult because of this cup of mellow coffee.

The Didi driver efficiently used his spare time while driving to make hand-made coffee, which made many netizens exclaim "time management master" and made many car lovers jealous. The message asked how to replicate such a fully equipped hand-made coffee bar, so that he could enjoy a comfortable cup of coffee while driving.

"all-round development of baristas", "second employment of baristas who can drive", "mobile living room", "this sideline is selling coffee", "can you rub a cup of hand when you hit this car?"

While most people express their admiration for the "life-savvy" driver, some doubt whether it is safe to install a coffee bar in the center console of a car. Judging from the picture, the owner's mini-bar should be specially customized, and the filter cup, water cup, bean grinder and other instruments all have fixed positions, but some people are still worried about whether the inertia of sudden braking on the way of driving will cause things such as water cups to be dumped.

In addition, in a film and television play, there was a bridge in which the character transformed the car passenger seat into a rockery tea platform, which not only aroused heated discussion on the Internet, but also asked the traffic police to send a special article, emphasizing that the behavior of drivers making tea while driving after the transformation was distracted driving and was extremely prone to traffic accidents, reminding the majority of car owners not to emulate the behavior in the play.

Therefore, many netizens have doubts about the safety of the mini-bar installed by the car owner in the central console, thinking that the existence of the mini-bar may affect the driver's shift, pull the handbrake and other operations, which may cause driving risks to drivers and passengers.

However, passengers who have been in the car said that the Didi driver's driving skills were stable, and he was not distracted from making coffee as netizens guessed, and said that the owner's hand-made bar tended to be more self-satisfied. after all, it is faster and more convenient to make it in the car than to get out of the car and buy coffee in the store.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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