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The event is not over, Starbucks co-branded paper cups are gone first?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop last week Starbucks and Disney jointly launched, This joint selection of "Alice in Wonderland,"In the official launch of the joint appeared peripheral map, Has caused netizens discussion. After the official launch, a series of joint surrounding due to fresh design

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The joint signature of Starbucks and Disney was officially launched last week, this time Alice in Wonderland was selected, and the surrounding picture appeared before the official launch of the joint name, which has aroused discussion among netizens. After the official launch, a series of joint perimeter is loved by Disney fans because of its fresh design style, and the limited theme packing cup is launched at the same time as the series.

For some Starbucks fans, you can get a limited paper cup by buying a new cup, which is not durable, but it is more cost-effective than buying a travel cup with the same pattern. As a result, many consumers place orders for paper cups with Alice patterns.

However, getting this limited paper cup is not as easy as consumers think. It is reported that consumers have to buy limited new Disney joint products, drink specifications must choose a large cup of hot drink, in order to have the opportunity to get limited paper cups. And this event is a drink corresponding to a limited paper cup, consumers are not allowed to ask for an extra cup.

The complexity of the rules makes netizens who place orders for paper cups troublesome, but what is even more puzzling is that the limited paper cups are gone before the Disney joint event is over.

Compared with Ruixing, Manner and other brands' joint activities, although there are certain rules and restrictions on the acquisition of paper cups, most of the time, the duration of the activities will be limited to how long the paper cups will exist on the bar. Sometimes the joint event may end, and some stores have to destroy it because there are too many joint materials left.

On the other hand, some Starbucks stores announced that there were no limited paper cups one or two days after the event was launched, making customers who place orders with limited paper cups feel "backstabbed" and place their own orders as required. I was disappointed that the limited paper cup I had in mind was replaced by the most common ordinary paper cup in the store, and I didn't understand why Starbucks' joint-signature activities were so "different".

In the face of the recent poor reviews given by customers for not limiting paper cups, Starbucks clerks are also very helpless. Part of the reason for this joint event is that the joint brand is the world-famous "copyright freak" Disney.

According to a Starbucks clerk, Disney is very strict in terms of copyright. These paper cups printed with Alice are affixed with Disney security labels. Disney will also collect royalties from Starbucks revenue when each restricted paper cup is sold with a drink.

It is speculated that Starbucks may have to pay Disney-related royalties, resulting in slightly higher packaging costs for the event, so there is no mass printing of limited paper cups, and the number of paper cups in the store becomes very limited. The clerks also said that this batch of limited paper cups need to be counted every day, and the limited paper cups in the store can not be replenished even if they are used up, so they can only use ordinary paper cups.

There is nothing wrong with Starbucks' joint cooperation with Disney to respect the requirements of the partners, but in the view of some consumers, the event should also consider the actual needs of users, such as this limited number of joint paper cups, in addition to making consumers dissatisfied, it may also cause the public to have a negative evaluation of the two brands and affect the brand image.

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