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How many ice does Luckin Coffee have? It all depends on the number of workers!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| The temperature in the coffee workshop of boutique coffee culture magazine is gradually warming up every day, and more and more consumers are starting to buy iced drinks, which has also increased sales of Ruixing iced drinks, which have launched new products one after another. At the same time,"Ruixing Duo Bing" has once again become the focus of complaints among consumers, but no matter how dissatisfied customers are,

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As the temperature gradually warms up, more and more consumers begin to buy ice drinks, which has also increased sales of Ruixing ice drinks, which have launched new products one after another. At the same time, "lucky ice" has once again become the focus of consumers' complaints, but no matter how dissatisfied customers are, Rui Xing has not provided a "less ice" option so far, giving consumers no choice at all.

Considering the actual needs of customers, lucky employees suggest that customers can note "less ice" when placing orders, and if they are worried that the shop assistants may misunderstand, they can also note the specific amount of ice.

Gradually, this hidden rule reached between lucky employees and consumers is widely spread on social platforms, and most customers can get drinks to meet their requirements through notes. Lucky employees tease themselves about counting ice cubes in stores every day, but they don't have to worry about getting bad reviews because of too much ice.

Recently, however, some lucky employees have found that the remarks about less ice have changed. the original remarks were "less ice thank you", "trouble 8 ice", etc., but now the note is "as long as four or five ice." give more complaints "," less ice less ice, more ice bad comments ", and even threatening remarks such as" one more piece will throw on the waiter's face "," as long as five ice, go to the store to kill you "and so on.

This change makes some Ruixing employees who receive such comments confused and a little uneasy. Although the remarks of some illegal operations will be ignored by employees, most people will try their best to meet the requirements after seeing the comments on the amount of ice in drinks.

Today, however, there are more and more remarks about "bad comments on ice", and there are even threats to personal safety, which makes lucky workers shout "beg to let go."

Ruixing employees have complained on social platforms many times that "the comment bar is not a wishing pool". When making drinks, employees have to make drinks strictly according to the formula and cannot change the ingredients at will. It can be said that if employees follow the rules, they can actually ignore the "less ice" requirements put forward by consumers.

It's just that most consumers complain that Ruixing drinks have too much ice, and some people have a need for less ice or even ice cubes, so when they see the order note "less ice", most employees will reduce the amount of ice at their discretion, and gradually reach an unspoken rule with consumers about the amount of ice. This situation was later officially recognized by Ruixing, allowing employees to meet customers' order notes as appropriate.

Betting ice volume on an order is a satisfactory behavior for both consumers and lucky employees. As for whether it is simply expressed or joked, it does not make much difference in the eyes of employees. However, when the number of threatening comments increases gradually, and even there is a threat to the personal safety of employees, the people who receive the comments will inevitably feel nervous.

Although many people think that comments like this may be a joke for consumers, in order not to do too much with a few pieces of ice, and to reassure employees not to take it to heart. However, as netizens said, not excessive one-liners can be called a joke, once too much so that people can not laugh or even feel scared, it is no longer a joke.

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