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American Latte = Iced American?! Netizen: Unknowledgeable

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine If the coffee shop places an order for two iced lattes but receives two iced American lattes, usually the consumer will report the situation to the store, and the two parties will get a reasonable solution after communication. However, recently, a consumer received the wrong ice American style from the store and asked

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If you place an order for two iced lattes and receive two iced American coffees, consumers will usually report the situation to the store, and the two sides will come up with a reasonable solution after communication. Recently, however, a consumer was deeply shocked when he communicated with the wrong iced American coffee made by the store.

According to consumers, they placed an order at a store to buy two iced lattes and one hot matcha latte, but the takeout they actually received were two iced American coffee and one iced matcha latte, which was completely inconsistent with their order. Consumers immediately contacted the store for feedback.

In the face of such a mistake, the shopkeeper apologized and explained that he was "in such a hurry" that he had made the wrong drink. And when consumers are like, "latte has no milk? isn't latte milk + coffee?" When asked, the store replied "American latte without milk", which shocked consumers and teased themselves that they might have bought some new variety of coffee.

As for another mismade iced matcha latte, the store advises consumers to find a microwave stinger or soak in hot water to process the ice drink into a hot drink. The whole communication process for this consumer seems to open the door to a new world, mocking himself for being "ill-informed".

Netizens are also surprised by the store's serious nonsense. Although latte means "milk" in Italian, latte usually refers to latte in most coffee shops in China. The shopkeeper gave an "American latte without milk" response to his own coffee, which, as netizens said, was like a free rice, pearl milk tea without pearl or milk, which was puzzling and funny at the same time.

As for the ice drink they made wrong, the store advised customers to put it in the microwave oven, which made people feel perfunctory and amateur. Some netizens believe that since the store has made a mistake, it should bear the losses caused to customers, rather than serious nonsense in the face of customer questions, such perfunctory and amateur advice prevaricate customers.

On the other hand, many people are puzzled by the fact that they can't tell the difference between all kinds of coffee drinks and start the coffee business.

At present, both chain coffee brands and independent coffee shops are caught in the fierce competition, trying every means to compete for the attention and favor of consumers, so in the eyes of most consumers, the threshold for entry into the coffee track should only be high or low, and the requirements for baristas responsible for production will also be raised.

On the contrary, many young people who have little knowledge of coffee choose to enter the coffee industry, so that when guests ask questions about coffee, they do not know what to answer, or even try to mislead them with serious nonsense. in the eyes of consumers, this is an irresponsible behavior.

Netizens believe that since the shopkeeper wants to sell a certain commodity, he should have full knowledge and understanding of it, have the necessary knowledge reserve and professional accomplishment, instead of asking questions and appearing to be more amateur than the customers.

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