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Teach you to make purified milk at home! Should I put the ice blog in the refrigerator or melt it at room temperature?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Espresso is important in a cup of milk coffee, but milk also plays an indispensable and key role. Choosing the right milk can give the coffee a thick taste and sweetness, and also bring out a concentrated and unique cocoa aroma, which greatly enhances the layered feeling of the whole cup of drink. In recent years, with the introduction of purified milk

Espresso is important in a cup of milk coffee, but milk also plays an indispensable role. Choosing the right milk can not only give the coffee a sticky taste and sweetness, but also bring out a concentrated and unique cocoa aroma, greatly improving the layering of the whole cup of drink.

In recent years, with the popularity of the concept of purified milk, ice blog milk coffee has widely appeared on the menus of some boutique cafes and has repeatedly become a must-have item on the best-selling list. Qianjie found that because its production method is very simple and the raw material requirements are not high, today's ice blog is no longer just a dairy raw material available in cafes, but also a delicacy that many coffee lovers always have at home. Homemade ice blog milk has become a necessary skill for home-based players.

Today, Qianjie specially collected all kinds of common questions about self-made ice blogs. Friends who want to learn and repeat them at home should hurry up to keep up.

The Origin of Ice blog

The name "Ice blog" was inspired by Germany. A winemaker mistakenly discovered that frozen and thawed beer would become fragrant, sweet and full-bodied, so he began to try and constantly improve the freezing and thawing process. there is this ice purification process. Later, it was named "EISBOCK", also translated as "ice bok", "eis" is the German word for "ice", and "bock" is a beer name of German origin.

At the WBC in 2017, Ben Put, a contestant from Canada, introduced the method of freezing and purifying milk for the first time.

Ice blog milk, also known as ice milk, is a way to purify milk by making use of the different freezing and melting points of various substances in milk. Due to the reduction of the proportion of water, ice blog milk has a higher proportion of fat, protein, lactose and other substances, so the purified ice blog tastes more mellow and sweet than the milk before freezing.

The step of making an ice blog is simple: first put a carton of milk in the freezer below-18 ℃ for more than 6 hours, make sure the milk is completely frozen solid, take out the cold environment at room temperature or on top of the refrigerator, then cut it a small opening and place it upside down in a container and wait for it to melt until the desired amount of milk is collected and the ice bricks can be removed.

A good ice blog can be tasted directly, but because of the high concentration, it is easy to feel sweet and full after drinking a large cup. Therefore, the ice blog with the exquisite Italian concentrate is the best combination, the rich milk gives the coffee a thick sweet feeling, and the mellow, sweet and bitter coffee just harmonizes the stickiness of the milk flavor and has its own natural cheese flavor, which perfectly interprets the effect of 1: 1 > 2.

Which carton of milk do you choose to make? How much milk should be released?

In a variety of homemade ice blog tutorials, it is usually recommended to release 40%, 60% of the milk, because this extraction range allows us to obtain the milk more completely, while ensuring that most of the ice has not melted into water.

If you just have a sudden craving for a cup of ice blog coffee, such as Dirty, Qianjie recommends using small bottles or boxes of milk with a content of about 200~300ml, so that you can get a cup of 100~150ml and avoid wasting more than you can drink. If you drink more frequently and want to make more than a few cups at a time, you can buy 1 liter of milk and finish it as soon as possible.

As for the specific milk release ratio, Qianjie also did a small comparative experiment in which two bottles of 250ml milk were frozen and melted at 40% and 60% respectively, that is, a cup of 100ml and a cup of 150ml purified milk were obtained, and finally tasted with a concentrated Dirty made from deep-baked beans.

After comparison, it is found that only 40% of the ice blog milk coffee tastes more solid, each mouthful can drink warm concentrated oil and frozen milk at the same time, and drink a whole cup of coffee just before the concentrate sinks to the bottom. A little bit distressed. ). Extracting 60% of the ice blog Dirty will also be much thicker than a regular latte, but it tends to be milky, more like a condensed de-iced latte.

Therefore, Qianjie suggests that when we make our own ice blog at home, if we want to be as rich as Dirty, we can only extract 40-50% of the liquid weight; if we want to make a latte, we can release 50-50% milk, which is fine anyway.

Melt at room temperature or in the refrigerator?

In fact, frozen "milk bricks" whether placed at room temperature or in the freezer can achieve the purpose of melting. However, from the point of view of the time-consuming operation, the choice of the melting environment first determines the dripping time of the ice blog. For example, in the small experiment on the front street, 40% of the purified milk was also obtained, which took nearly 5 hours to drip in the freezer. It only takes 2 hours to melt at room temperature (about 25 degrees). Due to the high room temperature in Guangzhou, where Qianjie is located, the dripping milk gradually tends to normal temperature over time. If you want to make an iced milk coffee, you need to store it in the refrigerator to cool down a little.

Therefore, if you are not in a hurry to drink, Qianjie suggests that the melting process should be carried out in the refrigerator and wrapped in plastic wrap, so as to keep the milk at a low temperature and avoid pollution by small animals such as flies, mosquitoes and other foods. and other food.

How long can a good ice blog be kept in the refrigerator?

Although the step of making ice blog milk is very simple, it is time-consuming in practice, not only freezing it for more than half a day, but also waiting for it to melt for more than half a day, so many friends will do more at once and keep it in the refrigerator.

Many people know that ice blog products on the market can be stored for 28 days without opening and refrigerating. After opening, it is recommended to finish drinking within three days in order to ensure quality and taste. As our homemade purified milk has been exposed to the air during melting and is easy to absorb the "miscellaneous smell" of other foods in the refrigerator, Qianjie suggests that it is best to drink it within 48 hours to avoid intestinal discomfort.