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Can't you give out Manner cups?! Netizen: Tired of

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click attention| Among the various brands in the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory, Manner should be the one who delivers cups most diligently. Just buy a set meal and you can bring a good quality gift cup home. It is a cost-effective activity for many Manner users, and therefore it is a good activity.

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Among the brands, Manner should be the most diligent one to send cups. As long as you buy a package, you can bring a good quality gift cup home, which is a cost-effective activity for many Manner users, so when Manner has a cup-giving activity, it can always attract fans to send orders to buy.

Recently, Manner launched a cup-giving event. As a gift, the glass is a retro glass loved by fans last year, and it is very popular among all the gift cups of Manner. Fans were also full of expectations before the start of the event, but a shop assistant found that the glass packed in advance could not be delivered, and the expected order did not appear.

This puzzled the store staff. in the past, as soon as Manner launched the cup delivery package, users noticed that they would place orders when the event was online, and even some people would place orders one after another in order to get an extra cup, and the giveaway of this event was a previously hot glass, but they never expected that fans' enthusiasm for buying the package was not high, and the package sales were not as expected.

Netizens have their own views on this, face control is disappointed after seeing the physical picture, fans who don't like American style give up buying because of the content of the package, and some Manner users say that although the free cup is cost-effective, the utility of the gift cup is general, and it is not necessary to have it from the actual demand.

Manner's cup-giving campaign has a long history, and it has been used to attract young people's attention, increase their desire to buy, and promote sales of new products. For brands, it can not only help to promote brands and products, but also gain new users and consolidate existing customers.

However, for consumers who like the new and hate the old, even if the event covers new products and gift cups, they will still get used to the bombardment of promotions.

On the other hand, consumers are also gradually returning to rational consumption, discriminating in the face of promotional activities launched by brands, and no longer simply pursuing cost-effective activities, but considering whether it is worthwhile to participate in such activities from their own situations. like this retro glass is made of glass that can not withstand high temperature, thus discouraging many consumers who are used to drinking hot drinks.

For some people, the buying and giving activities of various brands emerge one after another, but many of the gifts are actually "beautiful waste" to themselves, so they gradually give up the consumption of "buying money for pearls" and stop hoarding.

In addition, some people have also noticed that the essence of the brand's buying and giving activities is to promote new products and drive sales, and from the feedback of consumers who have bought free cup packages, they do not have the ideal of the plan.

With the change of users' consumption habits and the change of perception of promotional activities, the role of coffee brand buying activities in driving consumers' desire to buy may gradually weaken, and it is difficult to reproduce the grand occasion of waiting in long queues for gifts in the past. the situation that gifts cannot be given may become the norm in the future.

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