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Why is it still so difficult to find a barista job?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop It is another job-hunting season. Job seekers are looking for their favorite jobs through various recruitment platforms, among which baristas are the first choice for many people. Some people think that the current coffee industry is developing rapidly, and coffee shops can be seen everywhere.

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It's another job-hunting season, and job seekers look for their favorite jobs through various recruitment platforms, among which baristas are the first choice for many people. Some people think that the coffee industry is developing rapidly, cafes can be seen everywhere, and there may be more opportunities lurking in the industry. But it was only when I was officially looking for a job that I found that a job as a barista was not easy to find.

Some job seekers sum up the various requirements they have encountered in looking for a barista job: have certain work experience or hold relevant certificates, have certain age restrictions, have certain requirements in appearance, and so on, even if they meet the various requirements put forward by the other party. Can talk about salary and treatment, job content and so on will be found to be different from what they expected.

Some people think that the baristas behind the bar look relaxed and well-paid, while the workers in the "coffee siege" say that this is not the case.

Coffee chains such as Starbucks, Lucky and Manner have high job stability and salary in line with the psychological expectations of job seekers, and some stores have no mandatory requirements for job seekers' work experience and certificates.

However, coffee chains all have a strict management system, such as strict bar hygiene, store service, and so on, and the output of stores is generally high, and sometimes they may be so busy that they do not even have time to eat, and the workload is miscellaneous and heavy. In the eyes of many coffee workers, it is more like an assembly line job.

Therefore, some people who are looking forward to working as baristas tend to look for independent coffee shops. Relatively speaking, independent coffee shops have a more comfortable working atmosphere and less work than chain stores, and are not too busy as a whole, which is more in line with the public imagination of baristas.

However, compared with chain stores, the operating income of independent coffee shops mostly depends on the weather, good and bad. The instability of revenue also leads to the fact that the salary of baristas in independent stores is not very high, and there may even be the risk of closing down stores and losing their jobs.

Baristas who quit from a chain coffee shop to work in an independent coffee shop say the two different working environments have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Chain stores with strict management system have a large workload and a lot of pressure, but they can enable coffee rookies to quickly master relevant basic skills, develop hygienic habits and have a certain ability to resist pressure. Independent coffee shop is relatively easy, can further learn coffee theory, skills, and so on, after work can also enjoy the fun of coffee production, but income, stability, development prospects and other aspects are inferior to chain brands.

In the view of the barista, hesitant job seekers can consider their own needs and choose the path they want to take. On the other hand, whether you can get a job is a two-way choice, and the so-called difficulty in finding a job is not one of them. Finding a place to live in the extreme coffee industry also requires job seekers to constantly improve themselves in order to get a job that matches it.

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