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KFC becomes a gathering place for middle-aged coffee makers

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers." The same is true for coffee for consumers. Some people regard coffee as a necessary life-saving water for working, and drink it a cup every day. Some people taste it slowly and regard it as a kind of decency. however

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"there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers." Coffee is the same for consumers. Some people regard coffee as a necessary life water for working. Some people drink it with a cup of clang every day, while others drink it slowly and regard coffee as a kind of decency.

However, there is a group of people who consume coffee not for the sake of so-called identity, but just drink coffee as water and refresh themselves, and this group of people are middle-aged consumers sitting in KFC.

Coffee has always been on the menu of KFC, which is dominated by fast food, but it is in a corner until others find it, until a few years ago, coffee began to become a substitute for milk tea in the hands of young people. KFC wants to draw more people's attention to the humble coffee on its menu and launch a low-cost coffee monthly card.

Once the "monthly coffee" is included, consumers can enjoy a cup of coffee at a low price every day. At the beginning of the monthly coffee program, the price of a cup of coffee in KFC was as low as 1 yuan. Now, although it costs 5 yuan a cup, it is also much cheaper than most coffee brands such as Lucky and Cuddy.

However, such a discount did not attract the attention of econnoisseur, but attracted a group of middle-aged consumers. They know that coffee drinks cost tens of yuan per cup on the market, and they also understand and respect that other people spend a lot of money on them, but it is their turn to choose low-priced coffee with a monthly package of 9.9 yuan.

Coffee is common to this group of middle-aged consumers, like a cup of soy milk in a breakfast shop, so you don't have to pay much for it. They sit in KFC drinking coffee and playing with their mobile phones, casual and comfortable, paying no attention to the outside world, and making it impossible for others to speculate about themselves through a cup of coffee.

This kind of freewheeling coffee makes only a lot of middle-aged people in KFC drink coffee. They may have coffee with fried chicken, have a cup with a couple of friends, and talk about things in the north and south. Or choose a place to be quiet and alone, work in the company of coffee, read books, browse your mobile phone, and regard KFC as a foothold in your life.

In addition, if they order a cup of coffee in KFC, the shop assistants will not say another marketing advertisement when they hear the demand, but will silently and quickly finish a cup of coffee and deliver it to the customers. For middle-aged people with a clear purpose and pursuit of efficiency, a wide and efficient consumption experience is what they want.

And in KFC, no matter how much sugar or milk is added to the coffee, no staff will discuss the taste and flavor of the coffee with them, nor will they be taught how to drink a cup of coffee. Middle-aged people can enjoy the delicious food freely and live a life cured by the aroma of coffee.

For this group of middle-aged consumers who drink coffee as water, the possible decency, emotional value and so on of a cup of coffee will not be a reason for their consumption. They only care about whether they can meet their needs and can accept any drink as long as they can refresh themselves, but among these drinks, KFC's "monthly coffee" is more cost-effective.

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