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This Guangzhou coffee map is worth collecting!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, the temperature in Guangzhou has risen, and the spring scenery is shining everywhere. It is a good time to go out and have fun. Many coffee lovers will also include checking in at coffee shops in their itinerary plans while traveling together. However, coffee shops are open all over Guangzhou

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Recently, the temperature in Guangzhou has rebounded and there is a bright spring everywhere, which is a good time to go out for an outing. When many coffee lovers travel together, they will also clock in to the coffee shop in their itinerary. However, Guangzhou coffee shops are everywhere, for some people who want to visit the store but do not have a clue, a strategy is very necessary.

So recently, a "Guangzhou Coffee Map", which brings together 30 local coffee shops in Guangzhou, has been circulated on social platforms. Coffee lovers can buy the map and exchange limited drinks at the coffee shop on the map to experience the coffee atmosphere in Guangzhou. Experience the fun of visiting the store.

It is understood that the 99 yuan map, considering that it is difficult for most people to visit 30 stores in a short time, sets the activity time to three months. The long activity time and the high performance-to-price ratio of 99 yuan and 30 cups of coffee drinks fascinated many enthusiasts, and coffee maps sold out soon after they were put on the shelves.

However, in practice, some customers find that it is not easy to exchange drinks at the store. Each coffee shop has a limited exchange quota every day, and it will no longer be exchanged when the quota is used up on the same day. Other guests who want to exchange drinks can only go another day. Second, some stores make it impossible to exchange activity drinks on weekends and holidays, which makes it difficult for office workers who have air snooping shops on vacation.

As for 30 cups of coffee drinks, although there are a wide variety of coffee drinks, including milk coffee, American coffee and creative coffee, customers find that there are not many choices offered by each coffee shop, and some coffee shops have only one drink to participate in the activities. this makes some consumers feel too limited.

However, some people think that the average price of 3.3 a cup of coffee drink compared with today's coffee market price, the performance price is higher, it is still worth a try. And the shop itself has a certain risk of mine stampede, and the coffee shop participating in the activity only shares its special drinks to the guests. As for whether they want to try or not, consumers can choose according to their own preferences.

Integrating some coffee shops on a map will not only be convenient for young people who like to visit them, but also provide them with a good sign-in strategy. It is also an opportunity for coffee shops to promote their popularity.

At the same time, visitors' photos and high praise sharing will also further increase the exposure of the coffee shop and let netizens know about other highlights of the coffee shop, such as baked bread, desserts, and so on, so as to attract more customers. it is even possible to turn the event participants into their own long-term customers.

In fact, clocking in, which is cost-effective and has some fun to visit the store, has indeed attracted a lot of attention, and coffee lovers have been actively involved. Most of the coffee shops participating in the event are also known by more coffee lovers as expected, and the product sales and customer traffic of the stores have increased to a certain extent.

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