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"At Starbucks, I can have countless new names!"

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop asks for guests 'names and writes them on their packed cups. This is something Starbucks shop assistants will do when customers order, so that two drinks with the same requirements will not be confused, and guests can also collect the drinks by marking them on the cup after they are made. but in

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Asking for a guest's name and writing it down on a packing cup is what Starbucks clerks do when they order, so that they don't confuse two drinks with the same requirements, and guests can pick them up by marking the cup after the drink is made.

However, if the guest speaks with an accent or the clerk does not understand the name, even the most common name in life may become completely unrecognizable in the words of the clerk.

A netizen who bought Starbucks coffee in Brussels posted her coffee cup with the word "Nosi" on it, but the four letters had nothing to do with the netizen's name. She said she told the clerk the English name "Lucy", which she thought was foolproof, and never expected that the clerk would write "Nosi".

If you want to let the guests pick it up on their own, they may not believe that it is their own drink for a long time, and a similar thing has happened to netizens in other countries.

A netizen named "Barry" said that when he was at Starbucks at school, he was worried about the clerk's misspelling and specially told him which letters it was, but every time he received a Starbucks cup with all kinds of names, but he didn't see "Barry".

She was even so annoyed that she dared not go over and pick up her drink when the clerk called her under the wrong name.

After the netizen named "Carrie" found that his name had been misspelled by the shop assistant, he photographed the wrong name and integrated it into a photo album. It turned out that his name had been miswritten 13 times by different shop assistants, which is equivalent to 13 new names that sound similar but look different.

Some people are directly renamed by the shop staff, but this name …... People who don't know will think that they are employees of certain brands.

While laughing in the comment area, netizens also found that because English belongs to phonetic characters, in foreign countries, polysyllabic names can easily be misheard or misunderstood by shop assistants, and the longer the name is, the more it will be changed beyond recognition. Therefore, many customers switch to monosyllabic or easy-to-understand names when asked by shop assistants, but they do not expect that simple names such as "Alice", "Jay" and "Amy" will turn over and become "Ellis", "Gay", "Eyme" and so on.

In China, Starbucks shop assistants mark customers' surnames, and most of the Chinese surnames are common words, so in the view of netizens, it should be rare for shop assistants to write wrong labels in China.

However, a consumer surnamed "Weng" said that he had placed orders at Starbucks many times, and the clerk had written her surnames starting with w, such as Wen, Wen, Wang, Wang, and Wu, but did not write the correct "Weng." Another Miss Tang has also been called "Miss Kang, Miss Tang, Miss Tan" by the shop assistants. It can be seen that the Starbucks clerk's renaming of customers can happen everywhere.

Most of the time, it is an inadvertent mistake for shop assistants to write wrong names. After all, homonyms with different words are a daily occurrence both at home and abroad. Before the shop assistants see the names written correctly, it is understandable to write them wrong according to their own understanding. Some guests will also regard it as a pleasure and share the new names given to them by the shop assistants with others around them.

However, some netizens are perplexed by the shop assistants' behavior of changing their names, thinking that the shop assistants can ask customers more when they are not sure how to write their names, so as to avoid making customers unable to find drinks on their own due to the wrong name. guests will not feel offended and disrespected by the wrong name.

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