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How to make an "ice drip pot" at home? How to make iced coffee? What is the size of the filter cup about the amount of powder?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, As the thunderstorm passed, most areas entered the hot season again. In order to cool off, the demand for iced coffee has increased greatly. Among them, Ice-drop coffee is sought after by many for its clean taste and rich flavor. Although many friends have equipped coffee making equipment at home, I believe that among these many equipment,

After the thunderstorm, most areas entered the hot season again. In order to relieve the heat, the demand for iced coffee has increased greatly. Among them, ice drop coffee is popular with its clean taste and rich taste. Although many friends have been equipped with coffee brewing utensils at home, I believe that among these many utensils, most of them do not have ice drip kettles.

After all, not everyone will buy a curling kettle for ice drip coffee. On the one hand, the curling is more expensive, and the other is that the operation is more tedious. After a few times, you can't get rid of the fate of eating ash. So, if you want to make a cup of ice-drop coffee at home on a hot summer day, try the Qianjie method: make a simple "ice drop pot" through existing coffee utensils.

How to make a self-made curling kettle? The method is actually very simple, we only need to "dissect" the construction principle of the curling kettle and reproduce it. The curling kettle is mainly divided into three parts: the upper kettle that holds the ice water belt valve, the powder trough containing coffee powder, and the lower kettle that receives coffee liquid.

We can replace the coffee powder trough with a hand-brewed coffee filter cup, while we can use any container for the bottom pot of the ice drop kettle, and the most important part is the top pot of the ice drop kettle. The upper kettle of the ice drop kettle will have an adjustable valve, which is mainly used to control the flow of ice water so that it can drip in the state of water droplets. Therefore, it is difficult to find an alternative object.

There seems to be no solution, but it is actually very easy to solve. Since there is no alternative to control the flow of ice water, then we do not use ice water, just use ice cubes! When the ice is at room temperature, it gradually melts, and what is melted is ice water. In theory, as long as the ice we use is large and frozen hard, we can slow down the melting rate and replace the valve to control the flow rate.

Therefore, you only need to find an object that can hold ice cubes and has holes that can ooze ice water. OK, then the front street will demonstrate how to use a homemade "ice drop kettle" to make ice drop coffee.

How to use a homemade "ice drop kettle" to make ice drop coffee? Qianjie chose the sharing kettle as the bottom pot, the V60 filter cup as the powder bowl, and the flat-bottomed filter cup as the upper pot. Then the parameters are as follows: 24g coffee powder, the grinding degree is slightly smaller than the hand punch, the 9.5th scale of ek43, 85% of the No. 20 sieve, the powder-liquid ratio is 1:10, that is, 25g coffee powder to extract 240ml coffee liquid.

Step 1: the first step in making iced coffee with cloth powder is to prepare the powder trough, that is, to cloth the coffee powder. First, we put the filter cup on the sharing pot, then attach the filter paper, then pour in the ground coffee powder and pat it flat by tapping the filter cup. Then add a round filter paper to cover it, and you can prepare for water injection!

It is important to note that it is best to use a small flow of water to reduce the impact. On the one hand, it is not easy to produce potholes, and on the other hand, it will not let the coffee powder be washed away because of too much water. But you know, this step is not for steaming coffee powder, so the water we use is at room temperature! The reason why you need to wet the coffee powder with water first is to allow the subsequent dripping ice water to spread to various places through capillarity, so as to ensure that all coffee powder can be adequately extracted! If the coffee powder is not wet with water at first, most of the subsequent dripping ice water will only be extracted to the dripping position.

Step 2: prepare the pot when the powder trough is installed, we can put the flat-bottomed filter cup on the powder trough (V60), and then add a lot of ice to it.

Then, sprinkle the ice with 10~20ml 's normal temperature water to help it melt (because the ice is difficult to melt at first). Finally, friends with a lid can put a lid on the top of the filter cup, thus forming a confined space that will not be polluted by the outside world.

When the lid is closed, all we have to do is wait for the drip to finish. But if your filter cup can't hold all the ice, you need to pay attention to the ice during the dripping period and replenish it in time.

Step 3: refrigerate coffee when the coffee liquid in our pot reaches the target liquid weight, we can remove the filter cup.

However, it should be noted that the iced coffee has not yet been formed, we need to put it in a sealed bottle and put it in the refrigerator for fermentation. It will take 8 hours before we can take it out and drink it.

Some matters needing attention: the specific amount of powder for extracting ice droplets is suggested to make a decision with reference to the size of your own filter cup! For example, the filter cup used in Qianjie is V60 01, which contains 24g coffee powder just enough to keep a certain distance from the pot, and the surface of the coffee powder can be covered by filter paper. Ice cubes: as mentioned at the beginning, it is best to choose larger ice cubes with longer freezing time. Because the ice that is too small and solidified not long ago melts very fast in the hot environment. Melting so fast that ice water can not have enough time to extract into the coffee, directly seep out in one breath, and eventually become a cup of coffee-flavored water.

All right, that's all. Interested friends, please try it at home.


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