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How to correctly integrate pulling flowers? What details do I need to pay attention to when making a latte? What are the key points when drawing espresso?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Do you have such trouble when you often draw flowers? Although you have made a very beautiful draw flower pattern, the extra white traces around the pattern will always affect the overall beauty. I believe that most of my friends will already know the problem when they see it here. That is, the fusion is not well integrated, resulting in a low liquid level.

Do you often have such trouble: although you have made a very good-looking pattern, it will always affect the overall beauty because of the extra white marks around the pattern.

I believe that most friends see here already know the problem, yes, that is, the fusion is not good, resulting in the liquid surface is not clean. What was supposed to be a very good-looking pattern was overshadowed by the dirty background. Therefore, Qianjie today will explain in detail how this integration should be integrated! Take out your notebooks and the class in front of the street begins!

What is the fusion when pulling flowers? "Fusion" is an important step in making Italian hot milk coffee. The specific operation is to stir and blend the espresso with the injected steam milk by shaking.

It looks very simple, but in fact, it hides a lot of knowledge. The cleanliness of the pattern and the evenness of the coffee all depend on whether the operation is correct. If the operation is not done correctly, not only will the effect of the drawing be poor, but also the taste will be different (exaggerated is a mouthful of coffee and milk). OK, then let's follow the front street to see where the main points of integration are.

First, the height of milk injection when drawing, we need to keep the injection height of milk as low as possible to make it close to the liquid surface, so that milk bubbles can float on the grease, thus forming various patterns. However, integration is different! Fusion requires the use of a greater impact to wash the foam into the concentration, so that the foam can not appear on the liquid surface, thus keeping the canvas clean and tidy. Of course, if the injection height is too high, it is easy to produce bubbles because of the impact. Therefore, when we are in fusion, we need to find a suitable height to inject milk to reduce the clutter of the background.

Qianjie will recommend that the height of the fusion be controlled at about 5 '8cm (the height of the nipple from the coffee level), which is about the position of a fist. Please fine-tune according to your actual situation ~ the impact of this high injection of milk is just right, it will not produce a dirty background because it is too low, nor will it produce bubbles because it is too high.

Second, the amount of milk injected is like the injection of hand-brewed coffee, and the amount of milk injected during fusion is also very particular. If the flow of water when we inject milk is too small, then the place where it can be stirred is only where it is injected, and the milk cannot be mixed with fat and coffee from other places, which is what we call uneven fusion. When the amount of milk injected is too large, the milk will be washed up directly by the reaction force because of the excessive impact, which will wash away the grease and coffee on the surface, and then appear the dirty liquid surface. Therefore, the amount of milk when fusion had better be moderate, which is smaller than the amount of milk used when drawing.

The reason why we have to tilt the coffee cup is to allow a small amount of concentration to have a suitable depth, so that the injected milk will not be easily bounced up because it touches the bottom of the cup. But not all places are deeper areas! Therefore, it is very important to find the right place to inject milk. After tilting, the center of the coffee liquid is often the deepest, so we just need to inject milk at the center. But it is worth mentioning that when we inject milk, it will be stirred in a circle, so the range of milk injection needs to be slightly enlarged, also around the center.

Fourth, the quality of milk bubbles and oils, fat and milk bubbles are essentially bubbles, and they will gradually dissipate with the flow of time. If we do not merge and pull flowers for a long time, then they will gradually defoaming and caking, making the liquidity worse, thus affecting the degree of integration. The best practice is also shared by Qianjie all the time, first calculate the time required to concentrate and dispose of the foam, and then control the time difference to allow the extraction and dispatch to be done at the same time. For example, the time required for extraction and concentration is 30 seconds, and the killing time for foam is 20 seconds, so we can start to clear the foam at the 15th second of extraction concentration, which ensures that the end time of the two is very similar. Then you can merge at their best!

The above four points require very consistent operation, so friends can first use water for fusion exercises before they are proficient. After proficiency in the use of milk and coffee for real combat. It's worth mentioning that it doesn't matter if you accidentally leave a little bit of foam on the liquid surface at the beginning of the fusion, like Qianjie, just use the foam injected later to wash it down.


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