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McDonald's has been exposed to using pre-ground coffee powder?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Since McDonald's launched the "15-yuan freshly ground coffee breakfast combination", many Maimai fans have bought a breakfast before going to work to enjoy the sobriety brought by cheap freshly ground coffee. However, some time ago, a consumer who went to McDonald's to buy coffee

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Since McDonald's launched the "15 yuan freshly ground Coffee Breakfast combination", many wheat fans will buy a breakfast before going to work to enjoy the soberness brought by cheap freshly ground coffee.

However, some time ago, a coffee buyer at McDonald's watched the whole coffee-making process at the bar and was shocked. The barista scoops the ground coffee powder from an uncovered box and pours it into the handle. After compaction, the barista buckles the handle to extract the coffee directly.

Many netizens who often go to McDonald's heard what this customer had seen and heard, and most of them thought that the bean grinder might have broken down, so the clerk grinded the coffee beans in advance to make it easier to make. This customer only encountered special circumstances occasionally. However, when the customer went to the same McDonald's again a week later, the clerk still scooped pre-ground coffee powder from unsealed plastic boxes to make coffee.

Seeing it with his own eyes twice made the customer very disappointed with McDonald's. Originally, McCoffee publicized that the store coffee was freshly ground coffee, and it was equipped with trained baristas, and there was a set of operating procedures to strictly control the quality of the products, but the actual situation encountered by the surrounding customers was obviously inconsistent with the promotion of McCoffee. The coffee products are all made with pre-ground powder.

The repeated operations not only shocked McDonald's fans, but also puzzled McDonald's workers. Many employees said personally that the coffee production in their stores was made in accordance with the standard process, and there would be no such illegal operation. However, it has also been explained that if the grinder needs to be cleaned, the clerk may grind the coffee powder in advance and then use up the coffee powder according to the order in order not to waste the remaining coffee beans in the warehouse.

In addition, according to employees, McDonald's has abolished baristas and no longer set up "dedicated posts". All employees in McDonald's are required to learn the coffee-making process, learn to use coffee machines and be proficient in making coffee.

But in fact, because some stores are equipped with semi-automatic coffee machines with certain difficulties in operation, and some employees have not received professional training in coffee knowledge, making coffee may be similar to French fries, as long as the raw materials are filled according to the requirements. as soon as the coffee liquid is picked up and the milk is heated, it can be poured, so it is often reported that McDonald's employees operate improperly and quality control is uneven.

In the eyes of most netizens, McDonald's is increasingly perfunctory in the coffee business. Product quality control is like opening a blind box. If you meet a serious and responsible clerk, you may get a latte with beautiful flowers. If you meet a perfunctory employee, you will probably get a cup of black coffee that is so bitter that you doubt your life.

This raffle-like experience may seem interesting, but consumers are not happy to accept it, and they prefer to get coffee products with stable quality control and high performance, rather than having to try their luck to buy a good cup of coffee at McDonald's every time.

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