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Coffee pulling flowers teaching sharing! What is the difference between the leaf pattern and the swan? What are the milk requirements for latte combination patterns?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, "Swan" is one of the most commonly seen flower patterns on hot milk coffee produced by Qianjie stores. I have to ask why, because it is not only beautiful, but also very simple to make! But you should know that swans have many different methods to make, and Qianjie's simple words mean the traditional swan pattern! It evolved from leaf patterns

"Swan" is one of the most common patterns of hot milk coffee produced in Qianjie stores. Ask why, because it is not only good-looking, but also very easy to make! But you know, swans have many different production methods, and Qianjie simply refers to the traditional swan pattern! It evolved from the leaf pattern.

It can be said that the swan pattern modifies the end of the leaves. Whether they are fusion, map point position, uniform backward swing and other movement requirements are exactly the same! The difference is that the leaves begin to end when the swing is complete, while the swans have just finished their body parts, and then they have to shape their wings, neck, and head! But for friends who have already learned the leaf pattern, it is still very simple ~ so let's take a look at how this swan pattern should be made. (friends who don't know the leaf pattern yet can jump to this link to learn the leaf pattern: "leaves pull flowers").

From the dynamic picture below, we can see that the swan flower's wing shape, neck and goose head are all done in one breath! But each part has different production requirements, so Qianjie will separate them and explain them in turn!

First, wings when we shake backward and are about to touch the edge of the cup, it is the dividing point between leaves and swans! A swan cannot stay in place to make a heart like a leaf. It needs to turn by quickly raising the cylinder nozzle and move obliquely below the center point!

The reason why we have to raise the water level is to enhance the impact, so that we can not only "press" the wings, but also avoid a white line on the pattern, making the picture more beautiful as a whole.

Neck when we reach the target point, we need to reduce the height of the milk tank immediately, because now we have to draw the swan's neck through "painting".

In fact, painting is not a painting, more specifically, it is "dragging"! Lower the cylinder to bring the nozzle closer to the liquid level, then tilt slightly so that a small amount of foam is located at the mouth of the cylinder, so that we can use these bubbles to draw the lines we want on the coffee surface! Generally speaking, drawing lines with radians is the most suitable for swans! This action is very difficult for friends who have never come into contact with, and it takes a lot of practice, and here there are two important details worth paying attention to: the first is that the foam can not be placed for too long! Many friends can make the swan's body parts perfectly, but when they are ready to draw the neck, they find that the milk foam is atomized / lumped, which is due to the fact that they have been placed for too long.

Another detail worth paying attention to is the amount of milk! When we make a combination pattern, we will be very particular about the amount of milk we use. only by limiting the amount of milk can we use foam to outline the lines at the end. However, for most basic patterns, if the amount of milk is just right, it will end because there is no extra milk, resulting in no impact to wash the foam into the grease, leaving thick white lines floating on the surface! And then it evolved into an ugly duckling. So you'd better pay attention to these two points.

Third, the goose head is finally the goose head! In fact, it is just a little heart. When we outline the neck, we must not raise the milk tank, but just stay where we are, pour out more milk bubbles to form hearts, and then when the milk foam is enough, quickly raise the milk tank and end it. At this point, the swan is done! Very simple!

Of course, the production steps of the goose head are also very exquisite. If you release too little milk foam to constitute love, but hastily finish, then the swan's head will be smaller! It looks flat and ugly. If you stay too long, or pour into the atomized / caked milk foam, then the goose head will be too big! Then it becomes like the following picture: "Lion-headed Goose"!

If you want to put it in Chaoshan, you have to pay more! So, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, let's take our time, steady play is the top priority ~-END-

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