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The building was empty! Tsinghua University Ruixing Coffee suddenly shut down?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Coffee with refreshing functions is not only a need for migrant workers, but also an indispensable companion on college students 'desks. Therefore, many coffee brands have entered the campus to take advantage of those who need caffeine. College students. Tsinghua University, a well-known domestic institution

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Coffee with refreshing function is not only a rigid demand for beating workers, but also an indispensable companion on the desks of college students, so many coffee brands are stationed on campus to hold on to college students with caffeine needs.

A lucky shop has been set up in the Qingfen Garden of Tsinghua University, a well-known university in China. due to the good location of the store, coupled with Ruixing's brand influence and 9.9 yuan discount activities, it is very popular among students and staff during the business period. business is booming, and you even have to wait nearly an hour during peak hours.

In addition to taking a long time to pick up meals, the store sometimes ran out of ice in the ice maker in the afternoon because of too many orders, and students were forced to buy hot drinks. Although there are many troughs, Tsinghua students still support Ruixing, and some students even suggest that Ruixing open more stores on campus to share orders, so that everyone can drink as soon as possible.

However, before the students could wait for Ruixing to open its second store at Tsinghua University, Ruixing of Qingfenyuan closed first. On April 1, the store posted a notice indicating that the store would be closed. Because it was April Fool's Day, some students mistakenly thought it was Ruixing's prank and did not take it seriously. recently, the originally bustling store has been empty, and there are no traces of Lucky's existence.

This made it unexpected for college students who could not leave Lucky every day to send a post asking why a thriving store suddenly closed and all the machines and equipment were empty. this is completely different from the notice saying, "closed due to the upgrading of store equipment."

In fact, judging from the bidding information on the official website of Tsinghua University, the store has been re-leased since the end of last year, and the announcement also states that the lease of the store expires in April this year. Ruixing's move away from the Tsinghua campus should be due to the expiration of the contract.

College students are part of today's coffee consumer group, so coffee brands will consider bringing offline stores on campus in their store expansion plans. On the one hand, the source of customers of the campus shop is stable, basically the students and staff of the university, on the other hand, the rent of university stores is economical and affordable compared with the prime areas such as large merchants, and the cost of opening a shop is lower for the brand side.

However, colleges and universities will consider not only the needs of students, but also whether the brand is suitable for doing business on campus, so the brand may encounter the threshold set by the university. And the lease term of most campus shops will not be too long, once the lease period of the shop arrives, it may be impossible to renew the lease directly and need to re-bid.

In addition, campus stores need to face the problem that there is no source of tourists in winter and summer vacations. once students go home during the holiday, the business of campus stores will generally plummet, while some schools stipulate that they are not open, do not receive tourists and other people. therefore, some campus stores are unable to increase revenue through takeout orders.

It may be a good choice to set up a coffee shop on campus to cater to the needs of contemporary college students, but it cannot avoid the end of empty buildings and hasty results because it is Ruixing, a brand with a high national base. It can be seen that it is not easy to run a coffee shop on campus for a long time.

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