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Be careful! Budgeting college students are targeted by Starbucks!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently launched a "Star Classmate Card" event, which is aimed at domestic college students, including but not limited to junior college students, undergraduate students, and graduate students (including master's degree, excluding self-study). Students participating in the event only need to pass identity verification

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Recently, Starbucks launched the "Star classmate Card" activity, which is aimed at domestic college students, including junior college students, undergraduates and graduate students (including master's degree, excluding self-examination). Students who participate in the activity can open a card free of charge as long as they pass the identity verification.

In addition to offering discount coupons for restricted drinks, students who use this card can get a three-hour medium-cup American free coupon after 30 minutes as long as they spend more than 30 yuan at the store, which is equivalent to during the Starbucks self-study period. you can enjoy two cups of Starbucks coffee for as little as 30 yuan.

Judging from the pricing of Starbucks coffee, the price of 15 yuan for a cup of coffee is close to 50% discount, which is not insignificant.

However, after a detailed analysis of the details, there are actually a lot of restrictions on this student card. "if you spend more than 30 yuan at the store, you can get a three-hour medium cup free coupon after 30 minutes", which means that students who want to enjoy this offer need to drink two cups in a row within three hours, otherwise the coffee coupon will become invalid. Moreover, there is only one free refill coupon per month, and for the budget-conscious student party, going to Starbucks for self-study may be a monthly sign-in.

(photo capture Starbucks Little Red Book account)

In addition, contemporary college students with limited financial resources mostly adhere to the consumption concept of "flowers and flowers in the province". Even if they need caffeine every day, they will still shop around and choose more cost-effective products. In their view, it is not that the student card discounts offered by Starbucks are not enough, but that affordable coffee such as Lucky, Cudy, Lucky Cafe and Manner are more cost-effective.

In addition to the above, some students said that Starbucks looked at the distribution of its stores before launching student cards. According to the statistics of the first Finance and Business data Center in March this year, Starbucks' coverage in and around undergraduate universities across the country is not high, only 15.53%.

It can be said that, with the exception of college students with Starbucks stores in and around the school, it is difficult for others to enjoy these limited discount coupons even if they do not pay for student cards.

(the source is from the first Finance and Commerce data Center of the official account)

A large group of college students have always had great consumption potential. they pursue novel things and are highly receptive to "online celebrities" such as milk tea and coffee, so they are gradually valued by brands. there are also more and more chain coffee shops in colleges and universities across the country and surrounding areas.

In addition, from the brand side's point of view, when their own products become part of students' daily life and form a close emotional relationship with their campus memories, they may be influenced by their student years after they enter the society. in order to become loyal users of the brand.

Starbucks, which launched the star classmate card, may also plan to combine its most advantageous third space with discounted drinks to attract college students and become a self-study room in their campus life, occupying a corner of their memory.

Although Starbucks has an ingenious abacus, it is not easy to take this first step. Its brand positioning has long deterred college students with limited financial ability, and there is a circle of affordable coffee brands around colleges and universities. From this point of view, even if this monthly limited student card can lead people into stores, it will take time to see whether it can turn the student party into a long-term customer as Starbucks wants.

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