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Coffee Festival main Twitter tune? 50 for a cup of special coffee, throw it away as you say!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Coffee Culture has developed rapidly. Recently, coffee festivals with their own characteristics have been held in many cities across the country such as Jinan, Ningbo, Nanning and other places. Many boutique coffee brands have been invited to participate, and various interesting activities launched by the organizers attract a large number of tourists.

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Coffee culture has developed rapidly. Recently, many cities across the country, such as Jinan, Ningbo and Nanning, have held coffee festivals with their own characteristics. Many boutique coffee brands have been invited to participate, coupled with various interesting activities launched by the organizers, attracting a large number of tourists. The scene is crowded and bustling.

The coffee stars who participated shared that in addition to the common Italian coffee, there were also a lot of special coffee in front of people's eyes. Some coffee stall owners worry that tourists drink too much coffee and cause discomfort, and they also provide snacks and snacks, which are considerate and considerate, which makes many tourists remember.

According to the feedback from consumers present, there is little difference in the price of espresso coffee in various coffee festivals, while the pricing of special coffee mostly ranges from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. In the eyes of some people, the price is not very close to the people, but there are still many people who try it. Some coffee lovers said that they spent hundreds of dollars on an event and drank five or six cups of different special drinks.

However, tourists who left the venue found that many discarded special coffees could be seen in the trash cans around the event, including nearly a full cup of drinks priced at more than 50 yuan, so that some netizens were filled with emotion, "more than 50 cups of special coffee can be thrown away."

As for coffee festivals held everywhere, some people who have participated in such events many times said that perhaps in order to satisfy the curiosity of tourists who want to try coffee, special coffee appears more and more frequently at coffee stalls, but the risk of mine stampede is also increasing.

For example, at the Ningbo Coffee Festival, people who went for special coffee felt that the amount of these drinks was small and could not taste the coffee after trying the special condiments launched by five or six different brands. There are also some people who can't bear to take a sip and abandon it decisively after trying a special tune such as the American style of bean juice.

On the other hand, the exorbitant price of specialty coffee has also become a point of complaint by many people. "it is very expensive to go with coffee except the barista,"50 cups of coffee, 40% of which are tattooed by the barista", "is it really expensive?"... I took it off after two cups. " I asked the price first, and then persuaded me to quit.

In the eyes of a regular coffee festival guest, she feels that today's coffee festivals are full of all kinds of special "sweet water", which makes people feel less and less of the "taste" of coffee, which is not only not very delicious, but the price is generally high. the price of a special cup is sometimes the same as two or even three lattes.

Coffee Festival gathered around the boutique coffee brands, coffee lovers do not have to travel around the world, can try a variety of signature coffee on their doorstep. However, the dazzling special tune has become the main product of the stall owners, and the price is also rising, which also means that the cost of trial and error for consumers is rising, so more and more tourists are persuaded by the price to quit and are unwilling to try easily. For fear of stepping on a minefield accidentally.

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