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Why do coffee beans need to be raised? Do I have to grow beans? The deeper the baking is, the longer the beans are raised?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Freshly roasted coffee beans need to be placed for several days to gain a richer flavor experience, and such a process is called "bean cultivation." Although raising beans is not a rigid requirement, in order to reduce rollover and make the coffee you drink more delicious, Qianjie still recommends that everyone raise freshly baked coffee beans.

Freshly roasted coffee beans need to be placed for several days to get a richer flavor experience, and this process is called "bean cultivation". Although raising beans is not a mandatory requirement, in order to reduce car overturns and make the coffee tastier, Qianjie still recommends raising freshly baked coffee beans.

And the time of raising beans, we will judge according to the roasting degree of the coffee beans. The shallower the baking, the shorter the bean cultivation period; the deeper the baking, the longer the bean cultivation time! In particular, deep-baked beans, which are used to make espresso, take longer to grow.

Why do deep-baked beans for Italian style take longer? Many friends may think that the texture of deep-baked beans is very loose, if according to reason, its breeding period should be shorter than shallow baked beans. That's true, but have you ever thought that deep-baked beans will have more carbon dioxide?

First, the instability caused by carbon dioxide, which is the first reason why the period of deep baked beans needs to be prolonged: there is more carbon dioxide. Although deep-baked beans are loose in texture, they have higher carbon dioxide levels and take longer to emit. For the very sensitive extraction method of the Italian coffee machine, too much carbon dioxide is a negative existence. When there is too much carbon dioxide, it will not only hinder the release of aroma substances, but also reduce the quality of Crema. In the Italian coffee machine pressurized extraction, rich carbon dioxide will be pressed into a rich golden Crema! However, although these Crema are thick, the surface is extremely rough, the defoaming speed is very fast, and it is very easy to agglomerate. This kind of Crema, whether used for flower drawing or tasting, will not be liked by people.

Secondly, Qianjie mentioned that the extraction method of Italian coffee machine is very sensitive, it will lead to changes in extraction due to subtle changes in beans! During the period when coffee beans are roasted, carbon dioxide has been released in large amounts (more than when they are baked). Therefore, the extraction parameters you have worked so hard to debug in the morning may no longer be used after a few hours because of the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide. The loss of carbon dioxide greatly increases the debugging cost, and the instability in all aspects increases exponentially, so generally speaking, in order to better allow the Italian bean extract to extract a stable espresso, we will choose to place the coffee beans for a longer time.

Second, let the coffee beans out of oil, and then there is a second reason, that is, let the beans out of oil! This is mainly for medium and deep roasted coffee beans. The surface of medium-and deep-roasted coffee beans will more or less contain some oil, and the essence of this oil is the water-soluble fat of beans.

Before roasting, coffee beans have a tight structure and grease wraps the fiber matrix. When the baking starts, the heat provided by the baking machine makes the beans swell, and the stomata in the cell walls of raw beans are gradually opened by these heat waves, when carbon dioxide runs in. With the completion of baking, coffee beans return to normal temperature and pressure from a high temperature of about 200 degrees, carbon dioxide will be gradually discharged, and oil will gradually spill over from the bean table! Many coffee beans come out with a little oil or no oil at all, but after a few days, they will be greasy all over the face. The oil spilled from the bean surface can not only make the pressed Crema more stable, but also increase the alcohol thickness of the coffee, making the whole drink more round and thicker.

Therefore, under the combination of the two, the deep-roasted coffee beans used in Italian style had better be properly nourished for a long time. This will make the extracted coffee taste better! Qianjie's suggestion is to raise medium-deep-baked Italian beans for about 10 days (from the baking date), and deeper baking can decide whether to extend the number of days according to its state. Of course, too much fat is not all good. Too much oil will accelerate the oxidation of coffee beans! So when the bean has reached its heyday, we'd better drink it up as quickly as possible to avoid excessive fuel consumption due to oxidation. In the case of endless drinking, we can use some sealed containers to seal it, so as to prolong the best taste period!