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Coffee pulling flowers must be an auxiliary artifact that must be known about! What details do you need to pay attention to when using carved needles? Why do lattes need flowers?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, The emergence of coffee blossoms has added more ornamental value to Italian hot milk coffees such as lattes and cappuccino. When a cup of coffee has an exquisite drawing flower pattern, people always have the idea that the taste of this cup of coffee must be very good to drink. In short, it makes coffee look more delicious and increases the number of people drinking it.

The emergence of coffee flowers adds more appreciation to Italian hot milk cafes such as lattes and cappuccinos. When a cup of coffee has a beautiful flower pattern, it always gives people the idea that this cup of coffee must taste good. In short, it can make coffee look more delicious and increase people's desire to drink it. As a result, many baristas keep polishing and practicing in order to make more exquisite flower patterns.

But there will always be a lot of details that can't be done by pulling the vat alone! Therefore, the auxiliary tool of coffee flower emerges as the times require, it is-- "carved needle"! Because of its powerful function, it was once called a "plug-in" tool. However, the carved needle which looks very easy to use is not easy to operate in practice. Can not draw, or the lines are too thick, too thin, atomization and so on are common problems in the use of carved needles. So, today, Qianjie will share how this artifact should be used.

There are also many types of carved needles, and they will have different prices according to different types! The cheap ones only cost a few yuan, while the expensive carved stitches will be about 100 yuan, which is acceptable! The main difference between these carved needles lies in the overall design and the use of materials! The one used in Qianjie is a more common and traditional flower adjustment needle on the market.

No matter what the price of carved needles, they will have two very different "heads"! One end is in the shape of a pen and the other in the shape of a spoon. The tip of the pen is mainly used to outline more detailed lines (smaller patterns), while the spoon shape can be used to draw large area patterns.

The use of carved needles the use of carved needles is very diverse, it can not only draw with the vat, but also draw the pattern directly from scratch.

This is a demonstration! In addition, it can also be used to remedy mistakes caused by abnormal performance! For example, in yesterday's swan article, Qianjie listed a phenomenon: when we are pulling flowers, we may not be able to finish because of the lack of milk! Then at this time, we can use the carved needle and use the tip of the pen to make up the missing part!

Then Qianjie will share some details that we need to pay attention to in the use of carved needles.

Details to pay attention to when using carved needles 1. Prepare extra "pigments" if you compare carved needles to a paintbrush, then grease and foam are its pigments. Many friends will like to take the color on the spot from the blended coffee liquid, of course, there is no problem! But if we paddle too hard when taking the color, it will leave a mark that is difficult to repair to this "canvas" (coffee liquid surface), which will eventually affect the overall appearance of the picture. (such as this ↓)

Therefore, we can improve this problem from two aspects! The first one is to send more milk and keep it in reserve. This is the action that many baristas take when carving flowers! But this only works for white paint, that is, milk. The grease still has to be taken from the liquid surface, otherwise we can't extract any more. Therefore, when we need to dip in the oil, we can dip it from the edge of the liquid surface, so that the impact can be minimized!

Second, the degree of dipping in "paint" when many friends use carved needles to create, they may inevitably encounter such a problem: although they are stained with milk / fat, they cannot draw it! Even if they are painted hard, they will soon be atomized and fainted. This is because when we dip in "paint", we only get a layer of bubbles on the surface! This layer of bubbles is too light for us to draw the effect we want. So we need to dip not only the milk bubbles, grease, but also the liquid under these bubbles! In this way, we can better draw the ideal lines (patterns).

Control the thickness of lines when we first start to use the tip to depict lines, we always can't control the thickness of lines! Sometimes too rough, sometimes too thin, there are two main reasons for this kind of problems! The first is caused by dipping too much / too little "paint"; the second is because the carved needle falls into too deep / too shallow when painting. We can take a closer look at the tip of the carved needle. Most of the carved needle tips have four grooves! The function of these grooves is not only to retain the foam, but also to provide us with a reference to the thickness of the lines! The tip is the thinnest and the end is the thickest. When you want to depict filamentous lines, draw with a pen tip; when you want to depict a larger pattern, such as eyes and contours, you can use the back part of the second groove to draw. (bury the tip deeper)

Fourth, to speed up the speed of drawing, compared with pulling the vat, it takes several times more time for the carved needle to draw the pattern. This is very easy to cool the coffee, defoaming milk foam, affecting the taste and losing flavor at the same time. Therefore, we try our best to reduce the time of painting. Before making coffee, you can practice with paper and pen, and when you are proficient, you can make coffee! In this way, you can drink a cup of delicious coffee while the picture is beautiful. (no one should have noticed that the cover of the front street is P)


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