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Drink it and go to lavage your stomach?! "Physical examination artifact" contains excessive caffeine

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a certain caffeine drink has been frequently reported by the media. As the annual "sports high school entrance examination" has begun across the country, parents have collected various "outside the high school entrance examination" recommended on the platform in order to allow students who have neglected to exercise to perform well during the examination.

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Recently, a caffeine drink has been frequently reported by the media.

As the annual "sports high school entrance examination" has begun across the country, parents have searched for various "high school entrance examination plug-ins" recommended on the platform in order to enable students who are neglected to exercise to excel in the exam. among them, there is a "body test artifact" called "nitrogen pump".

It is understood that the "nitrogen pump" was formerly known as "pre workout", which means a pre-training exercise supplement, which contains caffeine, creatine and taurine, which can make nerves highly excited. After drinking, people will be in a relatively active and active state, just like beating chicken blood. Fitness professionals said that this is due to the role of caffeine contained in the "nitrogen pump" to improve the body's exercise excitement and explosive power, which can bring better exercise results.

In short, the "nitrogen pump" can be said to be a compliance stimulant for sports people, and there are many cases on social platforms where fitness people share their own "nitrogen pump" to improve their effectiveness. Therefore, some merchants label such products as "artifacts of physical examination" to "stimulate candidates' sports potential and help them pass the physical test" as a selling point.

Parents eager for good grades are aware of the existence of this "artifact" and place orders to allow students to drink it before the exam, so as to ensure that they get a high score in the physical test.

It is difficult to say whether candidates can rely on the "nitrogen pump" to achieve good results, but there are many people who are not feeling well after drinking. According to Guangming and other media reports, some candidates who drank the drink had heart acceleration, difficulty breathing, stomach discomfort and vomiting, and some of the serious cases were even rushed to the hospital for gastric lavage and could not take the exam for a long time.

This happens because of the excessive caffeine in the nitrogen pump.

Many studies have shown that a single intake of more than 400 milligrams of caffeine may cause rapid heartbeat, nausea, anxiety and other symptoms. Although the proportion of ingredients in the "nitrogen pump" of different brands is different, compared with ordinary functional drinks, the caffeine content in the "nitrogen pump" is generally high, and the caffeine content in some products is as high as 500 mg. On the other hand, whether caffeine has such obvious physical effects remains to be further confirmed.

Therefore, fitness professionals point out that the use of the "nitrogen pump" requires the scientific guidance of professionals. If you try it for the first time, you need to use a small dose to make the body tolerate, and then gradually increase it to the normal dose.

Students who want to achieve excellent results in the high school entrance examination mostly take it according to the product instructions, and there is no corresponding physical tolerance. although it is effective and makes many people excel in the examination room, it will cause strong side effects after the end. If you blindly pursue the effect and take too much caffeine, excessive caffeine intake in a short period of time may cause a lot of damage to the body.

Therefore, fitness professionals and doctors advise minors not to use "nitrogen pumps" and other effective exercise supplements, so as not to "lift a stone and drop it on their own feet." If you really need a pick-me-up, consider buying a cup of coffee, which is not as effective as exercise supplements, but it's better than nothing.

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