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Tims regretted his mistake and became a defendant by sending winning emails to 500,000 people.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons launched a traditional "Roll up to Win" promotion, but mistakenly sent an email notification of winning the prize to 500,000 customers, attracting the attention of many users.

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Recently, Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee chain, launched a traditional "Roll up to Win" promotion, but mistakenly sent an email notification of winning to 500000 customers, causing many users' attention and heated discussion. Although the company later issued a new email saying it was caused by a "technical glitch" and made corrections and apologies, these customers did not intend to buy it and decided to sue the coffee shop giant collectively.

According to Canadian television network CTV, more than 2000 social media users set up a group on Facebook on April 17 and shared the happy news of "winning the grand prize". The prize is the first prize of this year's Roll Up the Rim event, including a cruise ship and a trailer worth more than 68000 Canadian dollars (350000 yuan).

After the incident, Tim Hortons apologized for the mistake and asked customers to ignore the contents of the email. In the afternoon, Tim Hortons sent a new email to all customers who subscribed to its promotion, saying that the "winning notice" sent earlier was wrong. Please ignore the content of the email.

On April 19th LPC Avocats, a law firm in Montreal, filed a class action application with the Quebec Superior Court. The lawsuit has not been authenticated because it is still waiting for an authorization hearing to proceed with the next procedure.

The lawyer said Tim Hortons violated the Consumer Protection Act, which requires merchants to be responsible for announcements or advertisements of their services, including for "Roll up to Win" promotions. The class action sought from the court that Tim Hortons would pay punitive damages of C $10, 000 to each customer who received the email, as well as other possible damages, the exact amount of which would be determined by the judge.

In response to the lawsuit, Tim Hortons said in a statement to CTV News that it would deal with the matter in court. "after the Roll up to Win' event, we sent a summary email to give you an overview of their experience in the game. Unexpectedly, there was a human error, resulting in some users receiving incorrect messages." "despite human error, we firmly believe that the lawsuit does not have any legal basis and we will resolve the matter through the court," a spokesman for the brand said. "

Gilles LeVasseu, a law and business professor at the University of Ottawa, said that these rules of the game have exemption clauses, so it is difficult to bring a class action against Tim Hortons, but customers can still seek some punitive damages.

"they can claim losses from the company, but the question is, what kind of losses can you claim?" "this kind of situation is really disappointing, but people don't really lose their personal interest in an account," LeVasseu added. If the lawsuit continues, the judge may offer clients up to C $500 (2600 yuan) in compensation to close the case quickly. Unfortunately, the amount of settlement usually reached is not very high. "

Finally, the university professor added that at present, the company should give priority to compensating customers who make mistakes so that they can restore the positive image of the brand as soon as possible.

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