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Luckin launches Mancai coffee series, which is accused of being like "shabu water"

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop As migrant workers taste more and more new products in coffee shops, everyone gradually discovers that today's coffee has long been stacked with various flavored syrups, new dairy products and small ingredients. The refreshing drink in your hands not only looks more and more like milk tea on the outside, but also coffee

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As workers taste more and more new products in coffee shops, people gradually find that today's coffee has already been stacked by various flavor syrup, new dairy products and small ingredients, and the refreshing drinks in their hands not only look more and more like milk tea, but also the taste of coffee is fading day by day, and even the traces of "pure coffee" begin to "disappear" slowly.

When the street is full of flavor milk coffee or mixed fruit coffee, the taste aesthetics of coffee people begins to enter a tired period, and there are more and more calls for brands to regain their "pure coffee". Perhaps it is to hear the voice and feedback of the public, or it may be to find a new breakthrough in Italian concentration. Lucky finally wants to try something different this time.

A few days ago, according to Lucky's official account, it will launch a new product line, the full extraction series, including three new types of milk coffee coffee, including full extract oat latte, full extract meteorite latte and full extract latte, which is sincerely recommended by Anthony Douglas, the 2022 WBC world coffee champion.

The brand claims that the new products all use the "Caf é Crema full extraction process" to make a concentrated substrate, which is to "type" the concentration of coffee by extracting more coffee liquid, so it is very suitable for coffee people with "heavy taste". During the publicity, Rui Xing also added the slogan that "the smell of class is heavier than that of beating workers."

As we all know, every cup of coffee in the hands of every consumer, taste is naturally the first. So what is the taste of this full series? after extracting more coffee liquid, is the coffee taste really stronger? On the social platform, the echelon of the first test team seems to have given us the answer.

"it's bitter to my heart."A mouthful of instant-boiled water" suggests that you want to find someone who eats hard to drink this cup. "it's really hard to drink it." it's just that the spoiled traditional Chinese medicine soup is mixed with water. "it's a bit like stir-fried melon seeds and powder mixed with water."(like) Pure American style with some milk, not as refreshing as American style, no latte."

In fact, about the new key element-"full extract" is what kind of concept, I believe that the coffee industry should be no stranger, it is actually coffee professional lexicon of "Lungo", also translated as "long extract" or "super extract". As for the term "full extract", many people should first see it in the order interface of Starbucks, so it also has the explanation of "deep extraction".

The so-called Lungo actually means that under the original parameters of Espresso, the amount of powder remains unchanged, and the amount of coffee liquid is increased by prolonging the extraction time. Finally, the cup quantity is larger, and the soluble flavor substances are more fully concentrated (only look at the total amount of substances, and temporarily do not distinguish between good and bad flavors).

Normally, the powder-to-liquid ratio of Lungo is about 1:5. Take 20 grams of coffee powder as an example, the extraction liquid weighs about 100g, and the time generally falls in the range of 40-70 seconds. Through the production videos shot by many workers on the spot, Lucky's full extraction concentrated liquid weight also falls within this range, but the extraction time is even shorter.

When applied to the extraction logic and concentration law, under the same amount of powder, by increasing the "full extraction" water content of the coffee liquid, compared with the conventional Espresso, the overall coffee concentration is naturally lower, not higher.

Secondly, the longer extraction time means that more soluble substances are released from the coffee powder, which also means that the mixed and bitter ingredients are also released at the end of the coffee powder. If the Italian bean formula with deeper baking is used, then the coffee will be mainly bitter, which is difficult to swallow, and the overall taste will be relatively thin. In the eyes of most coffee players, the "full essence" here is actually a "superb Espresso".

When we take Ruixing's raw coconut latte explosion in 2021 as the starting point, we will find that brands are gradually hatching more and more milk coffee / fruit coffee categories. Coffee and milk tea has become a fixed formula for major mainstream brands, and "sweet" and "not bitter" are the labels of this kind of products. With the increasing popularity of this kind of "sweet coffee", we have to admit the fact that most Chinese people do not drink bitter pure black coffee. Now, however, Rui Xing has launched a product with "bitter coffee flavor" as the selling point, and workers who are already "addicted to sweetness and fear of bitterness" may also accept incompetence.

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