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What details should I pay attention to when extracting SOE from an espresso machine? How to extract a delicious cup of medium and light baked concentrate?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, When you drink too much traditional deep-roasted espresso, you will inevitably want to change your flavor. As a result, most people will replace the deep-roasted blend in the bean warehouse with SOE coffee beans with distinctive flavor, so as to make sour coffee with distinctive flavor. These beans tend to be lightly baked. If we use ginseng extracted from deep-baked beans,

When you drink too much traditional deep-baked espresso, you will inevitably want to make a change. As a result, most people will replace the deep-baked ingredients in the bean barn with SOE coffee beans that highlight the flavor, so as to make sour coffee with outstanding flavor. If we use the parameters of deep-baked beans to extract SOE, it will be difficult to extract good coffee. Therefore, for this kind of lightly roasted coffee beans, we need another extraction scheme.

How to set the extraction scheme? Generally speaking, Qianjie Association recommends that you first design an extraction formula according to the extraction idea of espresso. That is, how much powder is used, in how much time, how much liquid weight is extracted. Under the limitation of this formula, we can first find the appropriate degree of grinding, after all, for the extraction of coffee, whether the degree of grinding is suitable or not is very important. But in the end, the taste of coffee still depends on tasting, and the formula only shortens the range of adjustment, rather than directly determining the taste.

The commonly used SOE extraction formula in front of the street is that the ratio of powder to liquid is 1:2 and the time is controlled at 30 to 35 seconds, which is 5 seconds longer than the extraction formula for espresso, because lightly roasted SOE beans require higher extraction efficiency. The specific amount of powder is determined according to the capacity of the powder bowl! It is worth mentioning that under the right grinding and the same weight, the volume of light-baked coffee powder is smaller than that of deep-baked coffee powder. So you need to make your own judgment here, as long as you control the coffee powder below the horizontal line of the powder bowl! It doesn't matter even if it exceeds the recommended dosage of the powder bowl.

Grinding adjustment if the original bean grinder grinds deep-roasted coffee beans, then when you replace the beans with shallow baked beans, the grinding often needs to be adjusted by 3 / 5 squares toward the fine scale. Only in this way can the surface area of coffee powder be increased and the extraction efficiency be improved. Otherwise, depending on the original grinding degree, lower extraction efficiency and more gaps will make hot water gush down, which is easy to produce insufficient extraction. Like ↓.

When your extraction time reaches the set range, then you can taste the overall taste of the coffee through tasting. If there is something wrong with the taste, you need to make corresponding adjustments.

The most common negative problem in extracting light roasted coffee with an Italian coffee machine is that the sour taste is too exciting and there is almost no aftertaste. Then this situation is insufficient extraction! The lack of sweet and bitter substances causes the sour taste to be magnified, so it creates a negative feeling of sour stimulation. In a situation like this, we can first observe the flow rate of some coffee!

Generally speaking, the normal extraction time of concentration is 7-8 seconds. If the coffee is pressed out in 4-5 seconds, then the problem is due to the inefficiency of extraction caused by grinding. We can solve the problem by fine grinding! If the flow rate is normal, it is very likely that there is too little material extracted. So at this time, we can lengthen the extraction properly and increase the extraction volume by about 5~10ml (even if it exceeds the formula, it doesn't matter). In this way, the flavor substances of coffee can be fully extracted, the sour, sweet and bitter can be balanced, and caffeine tastes better.

Coffee taste is very bitter, so another common problem is excessive extraction, coffee has a more obvious bitter taste. The easiest way is to reduce the amount of extraction and avoid over-extraction by reducing the amount of coffee liquid extracted from 2~4ml. But sometimes, this method may not work very well, although you have made adjustments, but the coffee is still very bitter. A situation like this is due to excessive extraction caused by excessive grinding.

We can test the problem by dividing a concentrated portion into three parts! For example, if the coffee we extracted is 40ml, then we can use three cups to catch 13ml's coffee liquid during extraction to see if all three cups have an unpleasant bitter taste. If so, we need to adjust the grinding. If not, we can reduce the amount of extraction.

The fat is so thin that there is no coffee bean, no matter what degree it is roasted. As long as it is still fresh, it will be more or less "squeezed" to produce oil. But if the oil is too thin, it is likely that the degree of grinding is not enough and the extraction efficiency is too low to release carbon dioxide and press it out in one breath.

These are the details of the production of SOE, in fact, as a whole, friends will find that it is not much different from the traditional deep-roasted espresso! As long as we understand the principle of extraction and the cause of negative taste, we can easily solve the problem and extract the delicious SOE.


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