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What are the uses of these coffee-assisted toys? How to use Lily Drip and Paragon ice hockey?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, In daily life, some appliances appear to allow us to have higher efficiency when performing certain things, or to complete something better and better! These devices are often collectively referred to as "assistive tools." In the field of coffee, there are also many such gizmos

In daily life, the emergence of some instruments is to enable us to perform something with higher efficiency, or to accomplish something better and better! And these instruments are usually referred to as "assistive tools". In the field of coffee, there are also many such gadgets, such as those just shared in Qianjie: a "carved needle" that can make the flower pattern more beautiful, and a "cloth powder needle" that can break up coffee powder and reduce the channel effect. They can help us make a cup of coffee from different angles. So today, Qianjie will take the auxiliary tools of coffee as the theme to share what other auxiliary tools are available in the field of coffee and what their functions are.

Primary and secondary water distribution network as you can see, this thin round iron sheet is the "secondary water distribution network"! The secondary water distribution network will distinguish many kinds according to different production processes, but their functions are all the same! Is to make the Italian concentrated extraction more uniform.

The use of the secondary water distribution network is very simple, as long as we put it on pressed powder before extraction and concentration. Then in the process of extraction, it will redistribute the hot water dripping from the water distribution network and spread it evenly to pressed powder, so that the hot water can be extracted more evenly.

2. Paragon ice hockey, a golden ball, often appears in the articles on Qianjie. I think everyone knows something about it! It is the Paragon ice hockey invented by Sasa Sestic, founder of the original plan, founder of One Coffee and champion of the World Barista Competition.

The specific function of this ice hockey is to quickly cool the coffee liquid through the low temperature stored in the body, so as to retain the aroma. Specific use can be moved to the front street of this article → "Paragon Hockey Evaluation". Its use is very simple, as long as it is placed under the dripping position of the coffee, Italian style and hand flushing can be used.

3. Lily Drip (Lili Zhu) Lili Zhu recently set off another wave in the coffee competition. I have to say that this brewing "little toy" is really good.

Under the conventional use of the filter cup, the coffee powder often produces uneven extraction because of the accumulation. However, with the addition of Lili Zhu, the coffee powder accumulated in the center was dispersed, and the uneven extraction was improved.

And Lili Zhu's style is very various, different filter cups correspond to different styles, want to buy friends must compare their own filter cup style and then carefully buy ~ about Lili Zhu's simple evaluation, you can move to this article "is Lily Drip really useful? "~

4. before the start of the concentrated extraction, we all need to fill the coffee powder from the bean grinder into the powder bowl. As far as filling coffee powder is concerned, it is mainly divided into two ways! The first is to take the handle directly to receive the coffee powder from the bean grinder, which is simple and convenient. But the disadvantage is that the size of the handle is larger, so it is not convenient to weigh it. And without drying, it is easy to leave a pool of water on the electronic scale. So there is another way to use the "powder receiver"!

First use the powder receiver to receive the powder, and then by opening the valve, pour all the coffee powder into the powder bowl. The advantage of this is that it can keep the coffee powder clean and tidy, the coffee powder will not spill easily, and there will be no moisture left on the electronic scale because the handle is not dry; second, the powder will be more uniform. But there are also some disadvantages. With an extra operation flow, the overall speed is reduced, which is not very friendly to the merchants with a high volume of cups, so everyone will choose a more suitable way of powder according to their own situation.

5. Mysterious mirror as you can see, this is a small mirror. You can guess what this mirror is used for.

Announce the answer: it is an "extraction observation mirror" used to "spy on" the process of concentration and extraction.

What a surprise! Its function is to give some friends with a lower position of the coffee machine a more convenient way to observe. You don't have to bend over or tilt your head. You only need to look through the mirror to observe the extraction of espresso. The method of use is very simple, just put it in the right position, let the mirror aim at the bottom of the powder bowl, and we can see the extraction through it! This is a great blessing for friends who use bottomless powder bowls.

6. Mysterious air blowing this is the second mysterious tool of this article. It is an air blow. You can then guess what it is used to do.

Announce the answer: it is used to eliminate the noise when pressed powder is removed after the espresso production is finished! Use the following ↓

After we have finished the extraction and concentration, we need to shock out the pressed powder by tapping. But often such an action will produce a loud sound, which can easily affect the people around it. As a result, this air blow was born! By attaching it to the back of the handle and squeezing it gently, the pressed powder will break away from the powder bowl quietly under the pressure of the airflow.

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OK, this is the end of the introduction of assistive tools. Of course, these are only a small part of the coffee aids. About other assistive tools, save them for a moment in front of the street and explain them slowly.