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Breaking with convention, the bakery launches AI to generate blended beans

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| The Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop has set off a "renaissance" at this year's World Coffee Brewing Competition (WBcC). Many players have chosen blended beans as beans for their own brewing session. The various spellings are dizzying. However, these competing beans usually

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In this year's World Coffee Brewing Competition (WBcC), there was a "Renaissance". Many contestants chose mixed beans as the beans of their choice for self-brewing, and various spellings were dizzying. However, these mixed beans usually need to be adjusted many times by baristas, and it is difficult to achieve them overnight.

This also means that in order to get a satisfactory mix of beans, baristas need not only time and energy, but also a certain amount of cost. After all, some beans are not cheap, so it is a waste of beans to make up a bad flavor.

In order to produce perfectly flavored beans with low loss, a Finnish coffee roaster called Kaffa worked with local AI inquiry company Elev to use a ChatGPT-like AI model to describe all coffee types and flavors in the roaster, instructing it to create a blend that caters to popular tastes, according to the Associated Press.

Unexpectedly, the bean blending scheme provided by the AI model is not quite the same as that commonly used by baristas, using a total of four coffee beans, 40% of Brazil's Fazenda Pinhai,25%, Guatemala's La Bolsa,25%, Colombia's San Lorenzo,10%, Ethiopia's Gerke.

The founder of Kaffa said he felt "a little strange" when he got the plan, but after the first baking test and blind test, Kaffa baristas were surprised that the scheme no longer needed to be artificially adjusted. Smart AI also thoughtfully designed a package and label for the coffee bean bag with what AI called a flavor description: "a balanced mix of sweetness and ripe fruit."

It is not surprising that AI technology has been put into the coffee industry. Coffee cultivation and production may have been assisted by AI, and in recent years, the popularity of AI has also promoted previously dull machine baristas who can learn through information on the Internet to make quality-controlled and stable coffee for customers.

With beans like this AI-conic, an interesting experiment in the eyes of the founders of Kaffa, AI could provide experienced coffee professionals with a new perspective and possibilities that a barista never imagined before. At the same time, AI can not only help baristas to create mixed beans to meet the needs of consumers, but also reduce the loss in the coffee making process, improve efficiency and ensure product quality.

It has to be said that the tireless AI robot has obvious advantages over baristas in terms of work efficiency and product quality. it can continuously make delicious coffee for consumers while protecting the quality of quality control, and some can even make flowers to please consumers.

Now that AI has been able to produce the perfect mix of beans to cater to the consumer market based on the flavor of various coffee beans and the experience of professionals, some people think that the day when AI will replace baristas is not far away.

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