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Without pulling flowers, a barista has no job

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Nowadays, most coffee shops when producing hot lattes and usually make rips for customers. Chain coffee shops like Manner stipulate that employees must pour rips for each cup of hot latte, so Manner's baristas practice a variety of rips.

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Nowadays, most coffee shops produce hot lattes and usually make them for customers. Coffee chains like Manner require employees to pull flowers for every cup of hot lattes, so baristas in Manner practice a variety of patterns to meet whatever requirements a customer asks for.

Recently, however, a netizen said that when he went to the Manner store to "make" coffee, he saw at first glance that there was no coffee flower on the liquid surface, but a rough layer of milk foam. The netizen immediately took the cup and reacted to the situation with the shop assistant, and the barista responded by saying, "how can I give you a flower pull?"

Customers who were treated perfunctorily by the barista posted the situation on the social platform and successfully complained about the barista on the official account. According to the follow-up account of the netizen, "manner promised to make me a new cup. As for the relevant baristas, I should not meet them in manner."

The latte without drawing flowers complained that an employee lost his job, and the netizen's claim has not been confirmed by other channels. However, this netizen's story obviously attracted a lot of netizens, and many people were surprised by the result of the story, which also triggered netizens' discussion about whether they should complain or not.

Flower drawing plays a more decorative role in coffee, but has little effect on the taste of coffee. In the eyes of some coffee lovers, the fact that the barista does not pull flowers does not mean that the coffee he gives will be difficult to swallow.

Second, it is well known that there is only one employee guarding the bar in Manner stores for a long time, and it is not unforgivable for Manner fans if too many orders make the clerk have no time to pull flowers, so the customer's complaint for not pulling flowers is a bit of a mountain out of a molehill in their eyes.

If this experience is true, compared with Manner's rules on hot lattes, the employee did not make drinks as required and responded perfunctorily to customer feedback, resulting in an unpleasant experience, then it is reasonable to be complained by consumers.

More people said that Manner should pay attention to the shortage of staff in offline stores. Consumers' posts about the long time to pick up meals and the decline in service quality of Manner can often be seen on social platforms. As soon as such posts appear, there is no shortage of netizens to explain and intercede for Manner employees in the comment area.

As migrant workers, most loyal Manner users can empathize with their feelings and understand that it is not easy for employees to be on duty alone, so they are willing to understand some innocuous situations, such as not exquisite enough and slow to eat. However, when consumers get a latte that is not made as required and are treated perfunctorily by the clerk, it is also a legitimate right for consumers to choose bad reviews or complain about stores, but it is obvious that lattes are not produced in most cases.

As for what punishment a consumer complaint will bring to the shop assistant, in the view of some netizens, this should be a problem between the enterprise and the employee, rather than blaming the employee for the punishment on the consumer. Consumers dare not use their rights because "a complaint may make people lose their jobs". If the truth happened to you, what would you do with it?

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