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What does Origami mean? How should I use an origami filter cup? Pair it with conical filter paper or cake filter paper?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, In 2014, Mr. Yasuo Suzuki opened TRUCK COFFEE in Nagoya, Japan, and also released the original coffee appliance-the Origami series! The protagonist of this article is the "Origami Filter Cup" from this series. Until the new filter cup is like rain

In 2014, Mr. Yasuo Suzuki opened TRUNK COFFEE in Nagoya, Japan, and launched the original coffee utensils-Origami series! The protagonist of this article is from the Origami filter Cup in this series. Until today, when the new filter cup is springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, this filter cup is still active in various scenes, and it can be said that it is as hot as it was then.

This makes people wonder what makes Origami filter cups still popular today. What is so special about it that it can attract people continuously?

Extremely good-looking people believe that when buying a new filter cup, the metropolis will first check the cooking effect through the online cooking test, and then decide whether or not to place an order. But the Origami filter cup is different! Its extremely high appearance is different from other filter cups from the very beginning. For most friends, the cooking effect of Origami filter cup is not considered at all when buying it, just because it looks good! (such as Front Street)

Origami translates the meaning of "origami", and the appearance design of the filter cup shows this meaning perfectly. It can be seen that the appearance of the origami filter cup is like a circular piece of paper, which has been folded dozens of times to get a uniform 20 creases.

These creases can not only act as a diversion bone, play a diversion effect, but also provide a very high appearance to the filter cup. The simple cone structure, with distinct edges and angles, can be said to be full of the extremely simple wind of northern Europe. So, under the blessing of bright and soft colors, people are impressed by it one after another, and then place orders! Buy! Like Qianjie!

The effect of the event is, of course, that online platforms alone are not enough to make waves if everyone wants to know it. The reason why this filter cup has been able to maintain heat and high exposure is largely due to the world competition of coffee! After all, some of the spectators will focus on the instruments used by the contestants. They will pay more attention to what kind of equipment the contestants use to win the championship than the contestants. As a result, the event has become a display platform for many instruments. And Origami is on such a platform, shining brilliantly, attracting countless eyes.

At the beginning, the person who made the Origami filter cup known to everyone is the du Jianning player from China. She won the World Coffee Brewing Competition in 2019 with the Origami series (filter cup and tasting cup). Then in 2023, Carlos from Chile also won the championship with the Origami filter cup. Although all these are inseparable from the hard preparation of the contestants day and night, the contribution of the filter cup is also not small. That's why the instruments in the competition deserve everyone's attention.

Multiple cooking modes, but it is clear that the Origami filter cup is not a "vase"! If a product depends only on appearance and publicity, it is naturally impossible to last forever. Here we have to mention the unique advantages of Origami filter cup, multiple cooking mode!

It can use either tapered filter paper or cake filter paper. In other words, it can be used either as a tapered filter cup for fast-paced cooking or as a cake filter cup for slow-paced cooking. This is a unique advantage that many filter cups do not have! When we use tapered filter paper for cooking, the 20 edges of the Origami filter cup will support the filter paper and act as a diversion. Its launching speed is similar to that of V60, so it can highlight the aroma and layering of coffee, and when we use cake filter paper to brew, we will be surprised to find that cake filter paper can perfectly fit the crease of Origami filter cup! This can ease the launching speed, thus increasing the soaking capacity of the filter cup. This is of great help to highlight the taste of a cup of coffee and improve its mellow thickness. Next, we can see what different flavors will come out of different forms of Origami filter cups when the front street uses the same parameters and the same beans.

Using beans: Hartmann Rose Summer in Panama

Amount of beans used: 15g grinding scale: EK43 9.5scale, 85% sieve rate of No. 20 sieve ratio: 1:15 (225ml) water temperature: 92 °C cooking method: three-stage type

The use time of cooking with conical filter paper is exactly 2 minutes. Hartmann Rose Summer has bright pineapple juice, outstanding aroma of blueberry and bergamot, obvious Earl Grey Tea aftertaste, full and rich layers. The cooking time with cake filter paper is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Hartman rose summer boiled has obvious pineapple and blueberry flavors. Compared with Hartman with tapered filter paper, it has softer acidity and higher sweetness. Earl Grey Tea's taste is more intense and the overall taste is more mellow. Both of them have their own advantages, there is no difference between good and bad.

So we can know that what supports the popularity of the Origami filter cup today is not just its good-looking appearance and the exposure brought by the event. Its own advantages and practicality are the real reasons why it can stand in this changing era.


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