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I can't use it all! Ruixing employees claim to scrap a box of raw materials in two days

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Among the coffee brands in the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory, if the speed at which new products are introduced is listed, Ruixing will definitely be on the list. Previously, the menu was updated almost as often as a new product was put on shelves every week, and some regions even introduced regional restrictions. The variety of flavors of drinks was really dazzling

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Among all coffee brands, if there is a list of new products on the new speed list, Ruixing must be on the list. The menu has been updated almost with the frequency of a new product on the shelves every week, and regional restrictions have been introduced in some areas, making drinks of all tastes dazzling.

However, most consumers like the new and hate the old, and once they find new drinks, they will rush to buy them, thus triggering more people to try to follow suit and clock in to post pictures.

As for last year's popular style products, they are gradually forgotten by consumers in a wave of new products, such as the Maotai series that has gone out of circles before. After the joint popularity has ceased to be hot, it has become an unsalable money in many stores, and sales are so low that some stores can not run out of raw materials in stock, so they can only pour the materials into the sewers and destroy them.

In addition, according to some Ruixing workers, the roasted coconut series that attracted star fans to sign in last year is now "unpopular". In the eyes of some consumers, the series is somewhat "clashing" with the raw coconut series currently pushed by Lucky stores, and as the temperature rises, refreshing raw coconut is more favored by consumers, and the once popular winter style may now buy only a few cups a day.

Many lucky workers show the refrigerators in the store, and the whole row is full of ingredients needed for drinks on Lucky's menu, such as the raw materials for the Maotai series and the roasted coconut series, which may only sell two or three cups within a few days after opening the seal. Even if the used materials are put in the refrigerator, the shelf life will be greatly shortened, and if you can't run out of them, you can only pour out the whole bottle and destroy it.

This situation has become the norm in the night shift in some stores, and many workers say that they may have used less than 1/10 of raw materials to scrap a box in recent days. While feeling sorry for the materials, I also hope that Lucky can consider taking some poorly sold drinks off the shelves or readjusting them.

In order to meet the growing needs of consumers, there is nothing wrong with Lucky launching all kinds of drinks one after another, but changes in seasons and temperatures have greatly changed customers' tastes, and the fresh and refreshing fruit flavor has gradually become the new favorite of fans. on the other hand, all kinds of hot drinks launched in winter are becoming less and less existent, and poor sales have forced the endless use of raw materials to wait for the day when they are destroyed.

Workers who intuitively feel the sales of all kinds of drinks in the store believe that although Lucky offers consumers a lot of choices, the drinks that actually sell well may be the new ones in the season and the classics that are widely loved by the masses. as for those novel Maotai series, raw cheese series, etc., as soon as the customers' freshness has passed, coupled with the lack of a 9.9 discount, they have been left out in the cold, making it difficult for guests to buy back.

Netizens also understand how distressed Ruixing employees feel when dealing with inexhaustible raw materials, but from the perspective of food safety, although these inexhaustible materials are scrapped on the same day, although they are a waste of food, they are also responsible to consumers.

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